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HKSTP incubatee launch new smart healthcare innovations

Image Credits: HKSTP, Press Release

According to a recent press release, an incubatee of Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP), launched two new smart healthcare innovations:

  • Health•Me2 Mobile App
  • Smart Wristband EWB-1010

As a clinic solution provider, the incubatee co-developed the new solutions with two major tech firms and industry players. Its mission is to help users embrace a brand-new smart healthcare lifestyle.

Supported by an American multinational tech firm’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) tech, the Health•Me2 Mobile App is a free one-stop personalised healthcare management app that allows users to store and retrieve personal medical records, manage appointments to HKHC’s centres and maintain a personalised dietary plan. Users can also conduct self-diagnosis through the proprietary AI-enabled cataract test, with an accuracy of up to 90 per cent.

The App also helps improve and monitor users’ health conditions via the Smart Wristband, which is equipped with an in-depth AI analytics system providing recommendations and personalised health news.

It offers a unique electrocardiogram (ECG), a blood pressure benchmark based on the user’s latest clinical health record from HKHC. The benchmarking function allows the AI system to monitor and keep track of the user’s health condition, with records being stored in real-time on the secured Microsoft Azure cloud platform. The data can also be synchronised onto the mobile app and shared with the user’s family members if they choose to do so.

The CEO of Applied Technology stated that AI enables doctors to provide more precise medication. It is believed that a massive population will benefit from these innovations. Moreover, the public will now know that they can use AI to better record, manage and improve their wellness.

Technology is enabling the world to practise more health-conscious lifestyles with greater efficiency and convenience.

The Head of Incubation & Acceleration Programmes at HKSTP said that Healthcare technology is one of the key focus areas which HKSTP has been supporting. Innovative technologies and solutions developed by the Parks incubatees have been successfully adopted in the local healthcare community. The new solutions developed by the incubatee will be able to address the surging demand for personal healthcare solutions in Hong Kong.

The Director of the Hong Kong branch of one of the partnering tech firms noted that as the demand for healthcare support increases, technology can play a key role in easing the situation and providing individuals with real-time support.

The incubatee is transforming the healthcare industry by harnessing the power of AI to enable a personalised and secure healthcare experience. It is hoped that tech company’s AI technology will be utilised to empower Hong Kong people to take charge of their personal health anytime, anywhere, bringing great social impact to the city.

The CEO of the other partnering firm, a diagnostics firms stated that in previously, health systems focused on curing diseases but the concept of preventive healthcare is being promoted. Hence, the collaboration with the HKSTP incubatee aims to digitise and synchronise health-check reports with Health•Me2 to enable real-time benchmarking and health monitoring with the help of wearable devices.

It is expected that the collaboration will create a new healthcare experience for clients, and the firm will work closely with partners to help drive the uptake of personal healthcare management in the future.

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