November 25, 2020

We are creating some awesome events for you. Kindly bear with us.

We are creating some awesome events for you. Kindly bear with us.

HKSTP launches technology validation platform

The Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) announced the launch of the city’s first Technology Validation Platform dedicated to providing businesses and end-users with critical physical and virtual testing to evaluate the performance of AI and Robotics (AIR) solutions for mass adoption in key industries.

The Technology Validation Platform is the first in Hong Kong to apply performance matrices, physical testing and virtual testing in one cohesive validation mechanism. It accelerates the adoption of AIR technologies in Hong Kong by bridging the trust gap between AIR technology providers and companies considering adoption.

A Performance Matrix covering business consideration, quality, safety, operation and technical specifications will be tailored to evaluate the solution performance, enabling solution seekers to find the best fit to meet their needs.

Ground-breaking digital twin testing capability

The platform also provides a direct and seamless path from concept to proven ready-to-adopt products. Tech developers and corporates can bring test solutions to evaluate different aspects of technology performance under numerous user scenarios. Examples include the testing of disinfection robots in hospitals and the simulation of AI algorithms to manage traffic flow in a public transport system. The platform will start the pilot phase in September this year and formally open in early 2021.

The CEO of HKSTP stated that Park is committed to fully harnessing Hong Kong’s world-class R&D talent and AIR innovation potential, which will fuel digital transformation of various industries such as health, finance, retail, logistics.

They are enabling this reality by pioneering a dedicated environment to test and validate cutting-edge technologies into market-ready applications. By delivering validation of various solutions, the Park will bridge the gap between AIR innovation and market adoption, eventually creating industry-wide benchmarks to support local standards development.

The validation testing will be conducted in a physical environment but also virtually via ground-breaking digital twin technology. After gathering performance data from physical hardware testing, companies can create a digital twin of the technology solution – be it a robot or an AI programme – and deploy this into virtual simulations to accurately reflect real-life conditions.

Enhanced infrastructure boosts AI development capability

In addition to the Technology Validation Platform, the development of world-class AIR technologies and innovations also requires optimised infrastructure. HKSTP will extend its services to AI PLUG members and Park companies. Infrastructure enhancements include extended hosting capacity for high-performance computing setup with high-speed connectivity.

Since the official launch of AI PLUG in January this year, more than 30 service partners have been providing technical, business, funding and training support to members across four key features –Tech Shop, AI Infrastructure, Corporate Innovation and AI Academy. With the extended hosting services and increased scalability, HKSTP aims to further strengthen support to the AIR community in Hong Kong.

HK Nurturing AI on Many Levels

In an earlier interview, Dr Andy Chun, Council Member and Convenor of the AI Specialist Group, Hong Kong Computer Society, stated that there is a reason for the increased focus and interest around AI. This is because, as a technology, AI is maturing rapidly.

“We now have a much better understanding of what problems AI can solve and how to implement AI solutions, as well as more readily available AI tools and platforms at a lower cost,” he said.

Citizens’ expectations have also changed.; the government’s online services are expected to be on par with that of commercial corporations in terms of ease-of-use and intelligence.

It is apparent that Hong Kong’s business environment and ideal location is conducive to the development of revolutionary AI technologies, and this will be spurred on by the new HKSTP Technology Validation Platform.