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HKSTP Partners to Launch New Cohort of SPRINTER 2

Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) and one of the largest banking and financial services institutions in the world (the bank) continued their strategic partnership in the SPRINTER 2 programme, launching a new cohort that focuses on accelerating innovation among small businesses and mid-cap corporates in Hong Kong’s logistics, buildings and related services.

This comes at a time when Hong Kong’s logistics and buildings sectors face new opportunities in the transition to more sustainable business practices, supporting the smart city drive in Hong Kong and rapid developments in the Greater Bay Area (GBA). Companies invited to apply include those in freight, transportation, construction, real estate and property management.

The three-stage programme, which lasts for a year, comprises a process of discovery where corporates will have the opportunities to receive training and upskilling, match with tech ventures, and co-create tailored business solutions with tech ventures. At the end of the programme, corporates will be better placed to leverage innovation and technology (I&T) to enhance competitiveness and capture new growth opportunities.

The Chief Financial Officer of HKSTP stated that as the Hong Kong economy gears up for growth, new opportunities are emerging particularly in the GBA. The urban development sector is in a prime position to harness technology to capitalise on the region’s potentials and drive smart city development.

The Par has been collaborating closely with the bank to give thriving corporates a headstart to revitalise their businesses. SPRINTER 2 will provide them with the skills, connections and tools they need to succeed.

The Head of Business Banking, Commercial Banking of the Hong Kong arm of the bank stated that sustainability and innovation have become a key agenda for businesses of all sizes in Hong Kong. SPRINTER 2 is a comprehensive programme that empowers more companies, in particular SMEs, with the necessary knowledge and skills in sustainably transforming their operation.

As a connector for the business community, the bank is to deepen its collaboration with its long-term partner, HKSTP, in helping more sectors in Hong Kong work towards a more resilient future through the new cohort.

The announcement builds upon the success of SPRINTER 2’s first cohort, which brought more than 50 manufacturing SMEs in Hong Kong together with tech start-ups to accelerate innovation in a traditional sector. The first cohort, launched in September 2020, has completed the discovery, matching, and co-creation stages.

Bringing tech ventures and manufacturing partners together to inspire endless innovative ideas.

Over 20 international tech ventures from Hong Kong, Mainland China, Japan, Israel, Malaysia, Thailand and India, are selected to co-create the best-fit solutions with 10 of HKSTP’s manufacturing partners in Hong Kong, with a range of business across consumer electronics, toys, healthcare and food.

They will go through intensive training & mentorship, develop a proof-of-concept (POC) to test the viability, and showcase their custom-made solution in the Demo Day in Q3.

The pandemic has impacted all businesses, notably in traditional industries. Today, HKSTP and the bank are jointly extending innovation and digital transformation to the long-standing manufacturing industry. Innovation is vital to performance and resilience. The aim is to highlight and support the transformative solutions that participating tech ventures will bring to the industry.

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