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HKSTP’s First AI Chips Summit

HKSTP AI Chips Summit
Image credit: https://www.hkstp.org

The Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) and a research and development company in Hong Kong jointly organised the AI Chips Summit for the first time. The two will work together to promote the development of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) hardware ecosystem.

The Summit assembled world-renowned technology experts, industry players, academics and representatives from Park companies under one roof to discuss best-of-breed, machine learning-based design methodologies and supporting tools for the development of AI chips and accelerators.

Following the debut programme of HKSTP’s Thought-leadership Series in July earlier this year, the AI & Computer Vision Summit 2019, this AI Chips Summit remained the main platform for connecting stakeholders who are at the forefront of AI, facilitating knowledge sharing through inspiring keynotes and panel discussions.

Currently, Science Park is home to more than 80 semiconductor-related companies. HKSTP strives to provide them with all-round support to foster the development of AI and microelectronics ecosystems.

HKSTP’s iDM2 Micro-Electronics Node, launched in August this year, is Hong Kong’s first FPGA-based electronics accelerator aimed at catalysing the next phase of industry growth. The HKAI Lab, jointly established by HKSTP, Alibaba and Sensetime, has enabled startups to commercialise AI inventions.

With Artificial Intelligence & Robotics (AIR) serving as one of the HKSTP major focuses, AI Plug@HKSTP ready for launch next year will provide AIR communities with one-stop technical services and infrastructure support. All of these initiatives highlight HKSTP’s ongoing efforts to power the development of AI and innovative technology.

The Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) is dedicated to building a vibrant innovation and technology ecosystem to connect stakeholders, nurture technology talents, facilitate collaboration, and catalyse innovations to deliver social and economic benefits to Hong Kong and the region.

The Park enables science and technology companies to nurture ideas, innovate and grow, supported through its R&D facilities, infrastructure, and market-led laboratories and technical centres with professional support services.

Hong Kong Leveraging AI

According to an earlier OpenGov Asia article, big data and artificial intelligence (AI) are a powerful combination. With Internet-of-Things (IoT) becoming increasingly prevalent, global citizens have unprecedented access to a wide range of measurable attributes for devices and objects as well as people and processes, that too, at a very detailed level.

This ability to know, in real-time, exactly what’s happening with objects, equipment, vehicular surroundings, as well as our bodies and processes.

That is, the Internet-of-Everything (IoE) is providing mankind with powerful new opportunities in improving efficiencies and effectiveness in the city, government, industries, and personal life/health at levels that cannot be imagined just a few years ago.

As countries and cities across the world push for the widespread adoption of tech, Hong Kong is also moving fast in leveraging AI to create applications with big data or open data.

Big data and AI prediction are making the process of underwriting and pricing more efficient, accurate, time- and cost-effective.

More insurance companies are using AI to automate claims processing. AI and big data are also used for fraud detection as well as ensure compliance.

Similarly, other financial services companies in Hong Kong are also using big data and AI data analytics to predict risks in investment, manage portfolios, and detect fraud.

Thus, through government, university and private sector initiatives, Hong Kong is positioning itself to cultivate and nurture local AI and big data talent as well as to create an ecosystem to support innovation and start-ups in AI, machine learning, big/open data, and data science.

OpenGov Academy

In line with smart nation efforts of encouraging AI technology adoption, OpenGov has launched its OpenGov Academy, in collaboration with AlphaZetta.

The OpenGov Academy facilitates and promotes AI masterclasses, workshops and customised courses that are conducted by AlphaZetta and supported by OpenGov.

This academy will feature masterclasses across various levels: C-suite, management, business, and, expert.

The classes have been created to impart understanding – taught in an intuitive, accessible way, keeping formulae and mathematics to a bare minimum and taking an innate, visual approach.

Data literacy, AI and data science, and strategic decision making with data are some of the classes offered by the academy.

For more information, visit: OpenGov Academy

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