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HKSTP’s iDM2 demo day sees start-ups showcase research

Image Credits: HKSTP, Press Release

The Hong Kong Science and Technology Park Corporation announced that its first iDM2 Hardware Development Acceleration Program demonstration day saw ten cultivating companies participating in the program successfully overcome the difficulties of hardware development.

Team members from one of the participating companies, specialising in smart flight trainers and drones, demonstrating their latest drone. The machine hung the iDM2 plan banner.

After more than half a year of systematic training and support from a professional partner team, the companies were able to make an innovative and productionable design solution, and display the technology products developed on the spot. The solution is an important step that will enable the companies to enter the Dawan District market.

The iDM2 program is one of the many enhanced programs and support services at HKSTP, launched to promote the development of the Hong Kong Venture Circle.

The program has garnered enthusiastic responses since its launch in September 2018, attracting dozens of parks and incubation companies. The six-month program provides up to 50 hours of comprehensive training helping firm to develop their ideas, fine-tune their designs, streamline their manufacturing and, finally, entering the market.

The aims are to help start-ups accelerate its hardware manufacturing capabilities.

The iDM2 program also brings together industry and professional strengths to provide knowledge sharing and assistance in the operation of “specialist clinics” services, including product design, wafer systems, instrumental design and product certification.

The Chief Technology Officer of HKSTP stated that the strong support lent to the event by sponsors laid a solid foundation for the success of the program, helping start-ups implement innovative ideas and promote Hardware manufacturing, opening up the production supply chain.

On demonstration day, ten cultivating companies presented on-the-spot research and development results under the iDM2 program, with innovative products and solutions around the areas of smart healthcare, smart living and artificial intelligence.

Their performance is assessed and voted by professional juries and live audiences. The poll was divided into two rounds: the first round was judged by a professional jury composed of representatives from HKSTP, iDM2 project partners and business and education representatives.

One firm, which specializes in the development of smart flight trainers, was favoured and awarded In the second round, nearly 100 live audiences voted for the supported products and solutions on the spot by “one person, one vote.” A beverage firm was another audience favourite for its smart tea system.

One of the first iDM2 program graduates was a company that develops intelligent portable medical products and healthcare services that specifically target patients’ knee symptoms. A spokesperson from the firm not that the program provides comprehensive training from professionals in the design and production industries, covering patents, technology, law, production and other professional fields.

The has given the participating firm a deeper understanding of their own and market needs, driving them to implement concepts, develop hardware, and find the best way to manufacture products.

Another participating company is dedicated to the development of radar sensors for motion sensing and demographics, effectively counting people’s logistics and detecting accidents. The company’s CEO and co-founder stated that the program arranged for them to visit Dongguan Songshan Lake (Project Conversion Service Centre) to contact local manufacturers and manufacturing industries.

Thus, the company’s research team was able to better understand the entire product production process. In addition to the process, the teams were able to broaden their knowledge and update their industry technologies.

One participant noted that the program is able to provide new experiences for any start-ups, regardless of where they are in their journey. Now, the radar sensors from the firm have been used in different locations and the company also has opportunities to discuss cooperation with other partners.

The second iDM2 program was launched in mid- April 2019, attracting about 30 companies to sign up. 15 fostering companies and 3 park companies were selected to participate in the program. The first phase of training has been completed and product design is about to begin. The second training phase with certification.

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