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HKU signs MoU to nurture eSports talent in Hong Kong

According to a recent press release, HKU Space noted that in order to nurture the eSports talents to support the growth of this emerging industry, HKU SPACE has made its latest move in signing a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the premier eSports company in Southeast Asia in October 2018.

The aim of the MoU is to enhance the exchange opportunities for the “Diploma in eSports Science” programme and widen students’ international perspectives.

The Director of HKU SPACE and the Chief Executive Officer of the esports firm officiated the signing ceremony.

Esports falls under the category of competitive video gaming. It is often seen that esports takes the form of organized, multiplayer video game competitions, particularly between professional players and teams.

According to a report from November 2018, the esports scene in Hong Kong is booming.

Hong Kong recently held its second annual esports festival: Hong Kong e-Sports and Music Festival in August 2018.

The three-day event was organised by the Hong Kong Tourism Board along with its industry partner and major sponsor. As such, the prize pools were also remarkably large for such a young event of this size.

Throughout the weekend more than 26 eSports teams from around the world, and over 110 players, competed in the tournaments which were complemented by live music and an “Experience Zone” which filled an entire hall with eSports products, playable games, a large amount of VR titles, and a mini-stage hosting various other acts like a CLP x eSports Academy, KOL battles, and performances by local musicians.

Thus, with events like these, it is clear that the government of HKSAR takes e-sports seriously and has plans to scale it up and boost funding.

It should be noted that the aforementioned MoU is not the first MoU signed with the eSports industry leaders.

The School now adds the esports firm to its eSports partnerships, followed by Cyberport, E-Sports Association Hong Kong and Cyber Games Arena.

The Director of HKU SPACE said that one the school’s core missions are to foster strategic partnership to promote lifelong learning for talents in the fast-growing industry including eSports.

It was noted that the signing of this MoU is a timely response to the expansion of eSports industry as it commits the school and its partner to work together more closely towards the common goal of training of eSports talent in Hong Kong.

Each party has pledged to pursue many significant training activities, such as the promotion of industrial and academic exchange, as well as the promotion of job opportunities.

The Chief Executive Officer of the e-sports firm stated that its focus and strong network in the ASEAN region gives it an advantage over its competitors. However, the CEO noted that it relies on the support and collaboration of partners to grow and develop its vision.

The CEO stated that the company is working towards building a new industry in this part of the world (i.e., Hong Kong), stating that the firm’s collaboration with HKU SPACE has enabled the company and the institute to together on HKU SPACE’s Diploma in eSports Science.

This includes further curriculum sharing, and student exchange programmes with Thai, Indonesian and Philipino students coming to HKU SPACE and HKU SPACE students going to Bangkok, Jakarta or to Manila.

According to the CEO, the potential (presumably in Hong Kong’s youth) is limitless.

As mentioned earlier, the firm is a premier eSports organisation in Southeast Asia and is dedicated to building world-class eSports teams driving player success and competitions on the world stage.

Its cutting-edge academy system develops the next generation of eSports professionals and provides supporting job opportunities in eSports. It also designs event programmes to nurture and develop the eSports ecosystem in the region.

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