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HKUST and Guangzhou Metro partner to nurture intelligent transportation

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) and Guangzhou Metro Group Co. Ltd. (Guangzhou Metro) recently signed a cooperation agreement to jointly nurture HKUST postgraduate (PG) students into experts of intelligent transportation.

Under the agreement signed between the Provost of HKUST and the Chairman of Guangzhou Metro, HKUST and Guangzhou Metro would each assign a professor-grade supervisor to guide and train selected PG students at HKUST in one of the four aspects of intelligent transportation.

These aspects are the forecasting and planning of urban agglomeration transportation system, rail transit passenger flow forecasting analysis and guidance, urban rail operation key equipment intelligent operation and maintenance technology, as well as subway security inspection technology.

The program is set to groom all-round talent with special training in the innovation of and professional skills in intelligent transportation – a new spectrum which combines transportation, artificial intelligence and data science.

These talents are expected to contribute to the enhancement of the region’s transport system as a whole. Intelligent transportation is a key research thrust area of HKUST’s new Guangzhou campus (HKUST(GZ)) which is now under construction.

Applications to the program will soon be open for all PG students at HKUST – including those participating in the Guangzhou Pilot Scheme. Succeeded applicants will be assigned two supervisors – one from HKUST and another a professor-grade senior engineer or staff of equivalent qualification appointed by Guangzhou Metro.

They will follow through the student’s entire study process and offer advice and guidance to their writing and defence of their theses.

The students will also be provided with internship and research opportunities at Guangzhou Metro and the company’s “National Engineering Laboratory for the System Safety and Operation Assurance of Urban Rail Transit, respectively.

Moreover, Guangzhou Metro will sponsor the students of their training and living expenses during the study period.

HKUST has stepped up in cooperation with Guangzhou in recent years, one of the landmark collaborative projects, for example, is the new HKUST Guangzhou campus.

HKUST(GZ) will adopt a novel pedagogy, replacing conventional schools and departments with academic hubs and thrust areas, which is set to create synergy with the Clear Water Bay campus and better realize the cross-disciplinary principles.

The four Hubs at HKUST(GZ): Function, Information, Systems, and Society, are all interconnected. Intelligent transportation will be one of the thrust areas of System Hub.

About the Intelligent Transportation Systems Laboratory

The Intelligent Transportation Systems Laboratory (ITS-L) is equipped with advanced networked computing facilities and transportation modelling software such as emme/2, TRANSYT, INTEGRATION, NETSIM, etc.

In addition, ITS-L is active in developing state-of-the-art modelling tools, such as Dynamic Intersection Signal Control Optimization (DISCO), multi-class static and dynamic traffic assignment, traffic simulation via neural network modelling, and transportation network reliability.

Intelligent traffic systems part and parcel of smart city development

As the concept of the smart city transmutes cities into digital societies, daily life for citizens are growing easier in every facet. Intelligent Transport Systems thus become indispensable components among all.

In any city mobility is a key concern whether that means commuting to school, college and office or for any other purpose citizens use the transport system to travel within the city.

Intelligent Transport Systems can save time and make the city even smarter; they aim to achieve traffic efficiency by minimizing traffic problems. It enriches users with prior information about traffic, local convenience real-time running information, seat availability etc. which reduces travel time of commuters as well as enhances their safety and comfort.

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