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Hong Kong to Get All-in-one Digital Healthcare Platform

Hong Kong Digital Healthcare Platform

A health benefits solutions provider recently announced that it has partnered with a Hong Kong insurance company to launch an all-in-one digital healthcare platform.

The solutions provider claims that this is the first platform of its kind, providing tailor-made healthcare solutions for entrepreneurs and growing teams in start-ups and SMEs.

Its promising a seamless end-to-end insurance journey within the app, starting from the assessment of initial symptoms to finding a clinic and scheduling an appointment to e-claim services.

The solutions provider is also providing the services of an online professional consultation team to solve questions regarding group medical insurance plan options.

Another element of the partnership includes providing group medical insurance plans for local startups with coverage that includes local and overseas general and Chinese medical practitioner consultations, physiotherapy, dental, and private hospital medical services.

The Co-Founder of the solutions provider stated that the firm’s team successfully integrated technology with insurance service and launched Hong Kong’s first digitized healthcare platform customized for entrepreneurs and their teams in the start-up and SME sectors.

The platform offers a highly flexible group medical insurance solution, enhanced by a seamless and comprehensive digitized insurance journey that ultimately helps to drive the business performance of SMEs through improved employee retention and productivity.

The launch came in part from a survey that the provider undertook to understand the relationship between group medical insurance plans and business growth, gathering responses from over 1,000 local start-up and SME founders, as well as representatives from the IT and professional service industries.

It found that local employees often worked over 12 hours a day and were frequently under high pressure, which led to various health issues and significantly affected work productivity.

It also revealed that employees take four days of sick leave a year on average and that over 60% of respondents still insisted on going to work while under mental-related strain.

Not only could this be linked to poor work performance, but could also be costing enterprises HK$100 million in lost productivity.

The Chief Insurance Officer at the partnering firm stated that his company is committed to shaping a safer future by caring for the lives and dreams of Hong Kong people, and therefore is thrilled to partner with the solutions provider to launch the innovative group medical insurance.

The product addresses all the common needs of small businesses and their employees; it is a comprehensive, simple, cost-effective and avoids hidden surprises for policyholders.

Hong Kong is Witnessing a MedTech Revolution

Hong Kong is seeing the rise of telemedicine and the use of MedTech.

In May 2019 OpenGov Asia reported that a Hong Kong medical insurance firm launched a new telemedicine solution, as well as an AI-powered chatbot.

The service enables customers to book virtual consultations with network doctors and receive medical consultations through video to take advantage of medicine delivery or specialty service referral.

The firm has partnered with a Hong Kong-based group of medical professionals who have in-depth knowledge of the medical field and extensive network for the service. This makes the firm the first medical insurer in Hong Kong to tap into telemedicine.

A survey by the firm found that 45% of Hong Kong respondents are likely to use telehealth if there is an option to consult and obtain a diagnosis from doctors through their smartphone or computer.

With Hong Kong in the bottom five the firm’s global Well-Being Index, and stress continuing to be a major issue, the aims is to collaborate to make life simpler for customers.

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