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Hong Kong to host 5G Tech Carnival

Image Credits: Marketing Interactive, News Report

One of Hong Kong’s leading telecommunications firms is organising a 5G Tech Carnival. The carnival is set to happen in mid-June and will showcase the upcoming applications and future possibilities of 5G communications technology.

The aim is to echo the Hong Kong Government’s Smart City vision. The carnival aims to demonstrate how emerging technologies such as 5G, Artificial Intelligence (AI), robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT), data analytics, and cloud computing can help businesses improve operational efficiencies, sales and customer relationships.

In addition, visitors will have a hands-on experience of the benefits of strategically-deployed sensors and smart street facilities such as smart kiosks, smart recycling bins and smart lamp posts.

With a futuristic design, the 101,000 sq.ft two-storey exhibition area will be divided into seven core themes including 5G & smart city, enterprise solutions, FinTech, global network, revolutionised ecosystem, mobile solutions and smart living.

A thought-leadership conference featuring prominent industry leaders and influencers, as well as device manufacturers, technology providers, vendors and content owners, will also be held at the carnival, exploring trends and creating a platform for innovation in Hong Kong.

Another highlight of the carnival is the first 5G Tech Concert on 15 June. It will integrate the latest technologies and on-site performance by the region’s most popular singers.

Moreover, a mobile eSports Tournament will be held on 16 June. Over 250 mobile eSports players will compete for the championship to win cash and prizes worth up to HK$100,000 in total.

The Group Managing director of the firm stated that the company will offer the ultimate visitor experience by showcasing how 5G and smart city solutions from HKT enable people to lead smarter, safer and healthier lifestyles in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area, and how businesses may benefit from the latest technologies.

In the meantime, the telecom firm has conducted 5G application trials over the 28GHz millimetre-wave band, moving towards the introduction of 5G for commercial use in Hong Kong.

The Managing Director of the firm’s engineering department stated that subsequent to taking the lead to conduct 5G technical trials in Hong Kong using 28GHz frequency band in June 2018, the firm is the first Hong Kong mobile operator to conduct 5G application demo upon the 400MHz of spectrum on 28GHz band assigned to HKT by OFCA last month.

The firm is confident of deploying its 5G capability to better serve customers as Hong Kong accelerates its pace of development into a smart city.

Hong Kong’s 5G goals

According to a the Smart City Blueprint of Hong Kong, the HKSAR Government aims to enable to more conveniently access free public Wi-Fi service, enjoy convenient mobile payments anytime and anywhere, access e-services and conduct e-transactions more conveniently and extensively with a single eID for e-government services and commercial services, adopt more technology applications to support the elderly, and enjoy healthcare services supported by new technology applications.

Regulating 5G

A recent article noted that the integration of 5G wireless technology into various industries will likely massive social value. Therefore, the regulation of 5G must be considered.

Experts who attended the Embracing 5G for the Future summit spoke of the influences of 5G technology and responsibilities of governments in regulating 5G from a social perspective.

The high speed and high capacity features of 5G breaking through geographical barriers will result in governments enacting regulatory policies.

As 5G technology becomes a key technology in people’s life, governments should think about regulatory issues, especially when it may affect national security, one expert noted.

A professor from Beijing University of Posts & Telecommunication said that in the 5G era, mobile networks will link up not only communications between people but also that between people and everything, and different industries should proactively embrace 5G to keep pace with their counterparts.

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