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Hong Kong university program for AI careers

As Asia rapidly becomes a major global player in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), China, in particular, is prioritizing technological development in its plans for the next few years, according to a recent report.

The nation has a sophisticated national strategy that will see the country’s AI industry grow to be worth almost $60 billion by 2030.

This climate of fast-paced growth has created many opportunities for MBAs to take advantage of the tech boom, and the CUHK Business School in Hong Kong is helping its students do just that.

Close proximity to tech hubs

Most students consider Hong Kong an ideal location because it has very strong ties to China and Shenzhen, one of the biggest technology hubs in the world right now. This allows students greater exposure to major tech companies as well as drone manufacturers.

This closeness to cutting-edge businesses has a potent effect on the MBA program. Even traditional core courses such as strategy are invested with an awareness of tech and AI’s influence on the market.

For instance, students in the innovation and entrepreneurship concentration, gain hands-on experience regarding the use of AI to improve current business processes; particularly, digitalized and working with AI and machine learning.

Exposure to top tech companies

The exposure to top tech companies means that students can identify and study FinTech strategies in the region. MBA students are being pushed to not only learn about financial strategies but also about technical details and AI/Machine Learning.

Students are gaining valuable and crucial tech exposure and experience that will make them more effective contributors to an economy that is growing increasingly digitised.

Indeed, one student reported that presentations he developed have grown into business proposals based around machine learning. The student recently took the proposal to incubators and investors in Hong Kong. It was noted that some are willing to sponsor up to US$250,000 for 12% or 15% of the student’s company.

Post-graduate employment in AI

Evidently, the rewards waiting to be reaped by CUHK Business School grads are plentiful.

One CUHK grad has built a career in AI and is currently working for an AI-driven analytics software company in Hong Kong, but he has also worked in data and AI consulting at one of the world’s leading tech companies and as a business development lead at an energy technology start-up.

The student noted that because of the strong background of the university, students are exposed to technology – innovation, venture capital, and private equity courses allow students to be involved on a project basis and learn how they can fundraise and pitch their own company with a tech focus.

Thus, it appears that CUHK Business School’s MBA program is equipped to help students achieve this.

While the university is not technology-led, every process has at least one focus on technology and the disruption it is causing, and how we can learn to apply AI and machine learning in tomorrow’s work world.

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