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IMDA develops Media Industry Digital Plan

Singapore’s media industry is next in line to receive a refreshed digital plan. Over the last few weeks, various industries like manufacturing and the wholesale industries have been given a fine-tuned direction.

The Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), in consultation with industry associations and SkillsFuture Singapore, has developed the Media Industry Digital Plan (IDP). The Plan supports local media enterprises and professionals to develop digital capabilities and thrive in the digital economy. Using the IDP, media enterprises can assess their digital readiness. Additionally, the IDP has been created as a step-by-step guide, providing digital solutions to businesses at every stage of their growth.

Singapore’s Media Industry

At present, there are approximately 2200 establishments in Singapore’s media landscape. It contributes SGD 2.4 billion value added to the Republic’s economy.

Since there is no reversal to technology’s impact on the industry, from artist and concept development, to the way which audiences consume content, change is the only way forward. Choosing the right technologies to use can help the media industry to create compelling, cost-effective content, and improve production efficiency.

In 2017, the Infocomm Media Industry Transformation Map (ITM) was launched to create a strong ICM core with capabilities in frontier technologies within Singapore’s ecosystem. The IDP aligns with the ITM, forming a part of the SMEs Go Digital Program.

The Digital Roadmap

The Digital Roadmap is the focal point of the Media IDP. The Roadmap covers the following areas: (i) Getting Digital Economy Ready, (ii) Growing in the Digital Economy, and (iii) Leaping Ahead.

Image credit: Infocomm Media Development Authority

As organisations navigate through the roadmap, they will find a list of relevant solutions as well as the training required to raise their employees’ digital skills. A list of training courses which support the development of digital skills corresponding to the Digital Roadmap is provided.

The carefully selected courses give local media enterprises and professional an idea of what capabilities to expound on and learn, to keep pace with industry changes. Digital skills identified in the Media IDP are aligned to the Skills Framework for Media and the Skills Framework for Infocomm Technology.

Larger enterprises may also benefit from the information presented in the Digital Roadmap.

More Help Available

Should SMEs need a more comprehensive review of their business, they may approach Business Advisors at the nearest SME Centre. At the Centre, they can expect business diagnosis and advisory on digital solutions relevant to their operations.

SMEs which require specialist consultancy on sophisticated technologies such as data analytics and cybersecurity will be referred to the Principal Consultants at the SME Digital Tech Hub, complementing the services of the SME Centres.

These consultancy services are provided at no cost to SMEs.

SMEs may also choose to engage Project Management Services. These will support SMEs in the implementation of digital solutions. The project managers can help business processes re-engineering and job redesign. The aim is to sift maximum benefits and have more sustainable outcomes from going digital.

Should an SME require productivity tools, they have the option of selecting one from a list of pre-approved solutions on Tech Depot. Furthermore, SMEs can receive grant support for eligible projects. A one-stop, centralised platform, Tech Depot improves an SME’s access to technology and digital solutions. Media industry-specific solutions can also be expected. These include solutions for media production and contract management.

Finally, SMEs may participate in digital sector projects organised by IMDA and industry leaders. These projects serve to pilot new digital solutions or platforms which have the potential to uplift the whole sector.

IMDA says that the IDP will be updated in due course as the industry progresses, and newer, more relevant technologies are introduced into the market.

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