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Improving Digital Learning with Access to Digital Platforms in the Philippines

A gap in access is a gap in learning. With this in mind, the Philippines’ leading network provider has partnered up with one of the largest conglomerates in the Philippines to provide educators, parents, and students with access to highly engaging programmes and affordable digital solutions, ensuring that learning never stops. The company has recently launched its latest learning platform, the unified, company-wide platform aimed at assisting the country in achieving 21st Century Learning, to make education stakeholders feel more optimistic about the upcoming school year. The network provider hopes that the initiative will help to shape a brighter future for the industry.

The learning platform is a valuable resource for everyone seeking to further their education and open doors to a brighter future. It promotes continuous learning and helps to close digital gaps in the country’s education landscape by providing access to connectivity solutions, learning platforms, and solutions.

“It is our commitment to work with the whole education sector to bring forth everyone’s aspiration for better education, ensuring that learning never stops for all, wherever they are, regardless of their status. This is the heart of the learning platform – our network provider unified initiative to bring together products, programmes, services, and solutions that will empower the whole learning ecosystem.” said the company’s Head of Small, Medium Business Group.

The Chairman of the Philippine Senate Labour, Employment, and Human Resources Development Committee, as well as the Higher, Technical, and Vocational Education Committees, and Digital Learning Advocate, are supporting the company in this endeavour. As the son of two former public-school teachers, he is a strong supporter of lifelong learning and has paved the way for universal access to education.

He referred to a study conducted by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) on potential learning loss as a result of school closures and remote learning. The long-term impact on the children may have an impact on their competitiveness and work performance in the near future.

“We advocate digital learning, and we partner with our network provider for the fulfilment of this advocacy,” he said. “The learning platform is a digital solution to widen the access to training. With the platform, learning is at your fingertips, and it is very convenient.” With the launch of the platform, know that the entire company group is with you to continue to provide affordable connectivity, accessible platforms, and a safer learning environment for all.”

OpenGov Asia reported that as per the executive director of DOST-PCIEERD, the global health crisis has compelled the Department of Education (DepEd) to implement emergency online education (EOE) and emergency remote education (ERE), which are crisis response terms for online or remote instruction during an emergency. Filipino educators taught students using a variety of learning delivery methods, including distance learning and blended learning, either in addition to or in place of face-to-face instruction.

Classes were held using video conferencing software. Furthermore, Self-Learning Modules (SLMs) were made available in print, offline, and online digital formats to assist learners, parents, and teachers in implementing these learning delivery modalities.  These strategies have underscored the need for the nation to integrate emerging technologies into the education system to strengthen modes of instruction and keep students interested and engaged. The department is optimistic that leveraging leading-edge technologies and platforms will help overcome the challenges in distance, the evolving needs for learning and continuing threats posed by the pandemic.

“The largest conglomerate in the Philippines gives its full support to the network provider’s learning platform programme as it provides enabling solutions that propel the education sector to progressive digital learning,” said the chairman of the conglomerates.

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