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Increase the Effectiveness of Existing Cybersecurity Tools

Enterprises have invested a fortune in cybersecurity tools developed by some of the best minds in technology. Yet more than five million data records are lost or stolen every day.

The problem is not that today’s cybersecurity tools are badly designed or missing features. It’s not that IT organizations are lazy or apathetic about security. On the contrary. Most often the problem is that surging volumes of network traffic overwhelm security tools, causing administrators to use sampling or disable advanced features in order to preserve application performance.

Another common problem is that security tools and IT staff don’t get all the data they need to detect and respond to outside attacks and insider incidents, because they are faced with “blind spots” in data collection.

To solve these problems without buying more security tools or adding staff, Gigamon offers our Security Delivery Platform, a next-generation network packet broker purpose-built for security. The Gigamon Security Delivery Platform makes existing security tools more effective by preventing them from being overwhelmed by network traffic and by providing pervasive visibility into data in motion.


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