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Increased Interest in Singapore’s Smart Nation Scholarship

The Smart Nation Scholarship continues to attract strong interest with 723 applications received this year, an increase from 614 applications received in 2019.

Nine out of 233 applications were awarded the scholarship in 2018, and fourteen out of 614 applications were awarded the scholarship in 2019.

Younger generation interested in co-creating Singapore’s Digital Future

The field was narrowed down to fifteen recipients after a rounded assessment of their potential for technical leadership, and how they embody the public service ethos to serve people and country.

Minister-in-Charge of the Smart Nation Initiative Dr Vivian Balakrishnan addressed the fifteen scholarship awardees at a virtual engagement session held earlier this month.

The rising number of applications each year signals increasing interest from the younger generation to co-create Singapore’s digital future, and develop technology for the public good.

Technology is critical to a productive economy for Singapore’s future and a key enabler for the government to serve citizens and businesses better.

Investing in talent long-term to drive Singapore’s digital transformation

Launched in 2018, the Smart Nation Scholarship is a long-term talent investment to nurture a pool of passionate innovators within the public service who will drive Singapore’s digital transformation.

Recipients will join one of the three Smart Nation agencies after they complete their studies – Cyber Security Agency of Singapore – CSA, Government Technology Agency – GovTech and Infocomm Media Development Authority- IMDA.

“Cybersecurity excites me as it is constantly evolving. Besides new cyber threats that cybersecurity professionals have to tackle, there are also new technologies being developed to combat the new threats. Having been a victim of hacking, I have realised how vulnerable we are to cyber threats. Joining CSA will enable me to contribute to strengthening Singapore’s cybersecurity and keeping the public safe from the cyber threats,” said Ang Bin Sheng, one of the six recipients who will be joining CSA.

They will undergo rigorous technical training under the agencies’ respective talent programmes, and take on key roles in national projects that will shape Singapore’s Smart Nation journey. The scholarship selection panel is led by the Smart Nation and Digital Government Office and Ministry of Communications and Information.

One of five GovTech’s Smart Nation Scholars this year Zhang Yufeng said, “I am thankful to receive the Smart Nation Scholarship and to have the opportunity to work at GovTech after my studies. GovTech has been at the forefront of the country’s Smart Nation initiative in developing impactful and meaningful digital services for citizens and businesses.

“It has been described as a ‘start-up for the people’, embodying the twin values of collaboration and innovation. I believe that I excel in this sort of fast-paced, on-the-job learning environment, where new ideas are continuously being bounced around and change is the only constant. I can’t wait to complete my studies and join GovTech!”

The scholarship recipients will pursue undergraduate studies in various disciplines, ranging from Computer Science, Smart City Management and Technology, Information Systems, to Law. Of the 15 recipients this year, six will join CSA, five will enter GovTech and four will join IMDA after completion of studies.

“Smart cities are the future – the way we work, play and even rest is all about to change. While there have been debates on unintended societal impacts of a smart city, I believe effective leadership will help guide and mitigate such issues.”

“The Smart Nation Scholarship will offer me the exposure and experience to mould my development in this field. Joining IMDA allows me to be at the forefront of the national digitalisation movement, where I will leverage technology to serve different needs of Singaporeans,” said Nicholas Singham who is among the four recipients joining IMDA.

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