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India announces telecommunication plans to improve connectivity in Meghalaya

India announces telecommunication plans to improve connectivity in Meghalaya

On 23 May, the Union Cabinet approved
the implementation of the Comprehensive Telecom Development Plan (CTDP) for the
North Eastern Region (NER) in Meghalaya at an estimated cost of IN ₹3,911
crore (approximately US$572 million); created under the Department of Telecommunications and the
Ministry of Electronic and Information Technology, for the provision of telecom
services to rural and remote areas at affordable prices.

The approval of the implementation of the CTDP is just one
of the key decisions made by the Indian PM in the national capital. They
included the provision of mobile connectivity in 96 districts in 10 States and the MoU
between India and Angola to promote cooperation in the IT
sector, among others.   

The official
release noted that the plan will be financed by the Universal Service Obligation
(USOF) and the approval of the cost increase of CTDP Project for NER
for an amount of INR₹ 8,120.81 crore (approximately US$ 1.18 billion) up from
IN ₹5,336.18 crore (approximately US $780.39 million) approved on 9 October,
2014. The move is expected to benefit the people of Meghalaya at large.

The press release outlined what the plan would entail: providing
2G + 4G mobile coverage in uncovered areas identified in the state of Meghalaya,
it will also provide faultless mobile coverage 2G + 4G along the national roads
in Meghalaya.  

The release also noted the plan will strengthen the
telecommunications network which will lead to a greater penetration of mobile
connectivity in Meghalaya, that will consequently result in affordable and
equitable access to communication, information and governance. It will also be
able to provide access to the public telephone network that will enable more people
in remote areas to benefit from ICT to promote socio-economic development.

With CTDP, the innovative capacity of uncovered areas will
increase through broadband access and availability of the Internet.

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