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India, China to work on R&D for new solar cell technology

Image credit: NITIAayog; Twitter

At the sixth India-China Strategic Economic Dialogue (SED), the two countries agreed to cooperate in R&D to develop new technology for the manufacturing of solar cells from alternate material.

According to a press statement by India’s planning commission, NITI Aayog, the Dialogue comprised of round table meetings of six joint working groups.

Under a working group on energy, the countries will collaborate on renewable energy, the clean coal technology and e-mobility sectors, smart grids, and smart meters.

The two sides have also agreed on cooperation in the fields of e-mobility and energy storage.

Through “pragmatic” and “outcome-oriented deliberations”, the working groups arrived at mutual agreements. Some of which include:

Policy coordination

The countries reviewed trade and investment climates to identify potential areas of collaboration, notably innovation and investment focusing on fintech and related technologies.

A working group on high-tech

The sides exchanged views on regulatory procedures like developing artificial intelligence, high-tech manufacturing, and next-generation mobile communications. They discussed technological innovation, the current industrial situation, and mechanisms to further strengthen digital partnerships, data governance, and related industry policy.

A working group on resource conservation and environmental protection

On the role of innovation in resource conservation, the countries deliberated on effective utilisation of low-cost construction technology, methods of flood and erosion control, and air pollution, etc. They agreed to exchange relevant information more frequently.

The release noted that the two sides will use the SED mechanism as an over-arching and permanent instrument to address outstanding issues and identify potential areas of collaboration to augment bilateral economic and commercial ties.

NITI Aayog (India) and the National Development and Reforms Commission (China) lead the SED wherein an annual Dialogue is held alternately at the capital cities of the two countries. At the 2nd SED, which was held on November 2012, it was decided to constitute five standing joint working groups on policy coordination, infrastructure, environment, energy, and high technology under the SED to strengthen cooperation in these fields. A 6th group on Pharmaceuticals has been constituted after the 5th SED.

Over the last few years, India has fostered strategic partnerships with countries in fields of cybersecurity, AI, machine learning, etc.

Last month, OpenGov reported that India and France finalised an agreement, which will enable the countries to work more closely in the areas of digital and cyber security.

France and India intend to make digital technology a transformative factor in their societies, to foster economic growth, sustainable development, and secure enhanced internet access which is essential to bridge the digital divide.

They intend to share information on the legal and regulatory framework and best practices, including the protection of the Economic Information Infrastructure. Also, on the testing and certification of digital products.

They will work together on the risks associated with the deployment of 5G technologies and the technical solutions adopted to deal with them.

Through the agreement, the two countries will work to promote an inclusive, transparent, and open digital environment.

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