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India develops AI-based COVID protection system

The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research-Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute (CSIR-CMERI) has developed the COVID Protection System (COPS) for the workplace.

The system will automate workflow, significantly reducing the need for physical contact and social interaction.

According to a press release, the system is a conglomeration of the following technologies:

Solar-based intelligent mask automated dispensing unit/thermal scanner (IntelliMAST)

IntelliMAST is an intelligent surveillance kiosk that reads body temperature and whether an individual is wearing a facemask or not, through customised software solutions.

Information about an employee not wearing a facemask is provided to the administration to take immediate action.

The in-built thermal scanner detects a probable rise in body temperature by scanning foreheads.

The IntelliMAST will help ensure the safety of supervising staff. It will facilitate an identity card-based mask dispensing and attendance system.

The facial recognition-based attendance system will be incorporated into the system soon. It could act as a comprehensive solution for office and industrial complexes as well as school and college campuses, the release explained.

The system uses AI to provide real-time results that can be synchronised with the human resource data of any organisation. It is backed up by solar power for uninterrupted power supply during blackouts.

The power supply requirement of the IntelliMAST is 40-50 Watts sourced through a hybrid combination of solar power and electricity.

Touchless Faucet (TouF)

TouF is being launched for households and office spaces. The system dispenses liquid soap and water from the same faucet with a time-gap of 30 seconds, which is as per the latest government guidelines.

The faucet can be easily mounted on top of any wash-basin and will be available in a plug-and-play model for easy installation.

This domestic variant of the dispensing system will help arrest contamination and contain the spread of infection among the family members, for asymptomatic individuals. The technology has a power supply requirement of only 10 Watts.

360° Car Flusher

The 360° Car Flusher is a sodium hypochlorite water screen, which uses a specialised nozzle design to ensure that the sanitiser diffused water is evenly spread over and under the car body and wheels with an adequate water force and coverage.

The architecture of the system is based on a water channel frame with an appropriate number of specialised nozzles, which can be customised and modified according to the specific requirements of any organisation.

The water channel frame and nozzle design of the flusher have been optimised to ensure water efficiency and reduce water wastage. It requires 750 Watts of power to run a pump.

These tech solutions are now available for technology transfers and product orders, the release informed.

Apart from healthcare workers, frontline security guards are also vulnerable to the virus. CSIR-CMERI plans to develop a Digital Entry Management Systems soon. The system will be based on AI and IoT technology and will automate a large portion of their work.

The organisation also wants to support start-ups and entrepreneurs as they develop their technologies and give them a platform to showcase their innovative potential.

CSIR-CMERI is focused on developing products made in India, which will boost the government’s Atma-Nirbhar Bharat flagship initiative.

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