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Indian smart city launches new tech to combat COVID-19

Image credit: Dehradun Smart City

The Dehradun smart city has made its integrated command and control centre COVID-19-ready by developing monitoring and surveillance activities, along with several other initiatives.

According to a press release, the Dehradun Smart City Limited (DSCL) authorities worked in collaboration with the District Administration in the planning and management of the requirements to fight the virus. Some of the measures the city took are as follows:

Integrated Command and Control Centre

The city introduced the process of monitoring the quarantine wards at the hospitals through the control centre. DSCL has already set up CCTVs at Doon, Coronation, Gandhi Shatabdi, and Subharti hospitals.

The objective providing round-the-clock security using CCTV surveillance system and the video feed of the AI-based face recognition will be stored at ICCC.

Essential Service Lockdown Pass

The city has developed a computer application called the Essential Service Lockdown Pass. If a citizen wants emergency services during the lockdown they can apply for the pass, get it approved and leave their home for senior citizens, funerals, medical services, food supplies or grocery services, home deliveries, and IT and telecom services.

Image credit: Press Information Bureau

Public Awareness Campaigns

Officials are spreading awareness regarding the lockdown and the services that has been provided by the Municipal Corporation and all other government services. The city is also motivating people through social media to spread awareness about the DSCL’s projects.

Awareness through Variable Messaging Displays 

COVID-19 awareness messages are being published for citizens on variable messaging displays (VMDs) placed at critical junctions of the city. VMDs are also being used to displaying emergency numbers for the police, healthcare workers, and other important departments.

Technology centres under the Ministry of MSME have started manufacturing critical parts of a real-time quantitative micro PCR System for AMTZ, a press release has stated.

This machine produces COVID-19 test results in less than an hour (normal test results take a minimum of 24 hours) and has been designed by a private MSME enterprise.

These machines are compact and portable. The teams of the technology centres are working in 2/3 shifts to supply components for 600 testing machines. 150 testing machine components have already been supplied to AMTZ. The stainless steel components having an accuracy of 5 microns are being manufactured on the best machines of the world.

This COVID-19 testing device is an affordable option for healthcare workers. The manufacturing of the machine was made possible with active collaboration and support by the Technology Centres of the Ministry of MSME located at Bhubaneswar, Jamshedpur, and Kolkata.

The technology centres play a crucial role in providing practical skill development training to more than to 200,000 youth and industry workforce every year, the release claimed. The 18 existing centres provide technical support to industries through the designing and manufacturing of tools.

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