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Indo-France roadmap for cybersecurity

Following up on an OpenGov report that India and France would finalise an agreement to enable them to work closely in the areas of cybersecurity, the Indian government released a press statement outlining the details of the agreement.

Common Vision

France and India intend to make digital technology a transformative factor in their societies, to foster economic growth, sustainable development and secure enhanced internet access which is essential to bridge the digital divide.

They thus advocate a vision of digital technologies that empower citizens, reduce inequalities, and promote sustainable development.

International security and diplomatic effort

The two countries affirm their commitment to an open, reliable, and secure cyberspace. International law is applicable and essential to maintaining peace and stability and promoting an accessible digital environment.

Governance, sovereignty, and technological regulation

France and India will work to promote an inclusive, transparent, and open digital environment. This will be done by preserving a multi-stakeholder and multilateral approach to the Internet that respects the interests of all stakeholders.

The countries recognise the rapid development of digital technology and that its use must be accompanied by cooperative, coherent, and determined actions by the international community.

Cooperation in the field of cybersecurity

France and India understand the importance of the pursuit and the deepening of the cyber dialogue whose third edition was held in Paris this year and welcomed the joint statement adopted at its end.

The countries affirm their willingness to reinforce their cooperation, through the sharing of information between their cybersecurity agencies, to prevent malicious activities, undertake immediate corrective response, mitigate their potential impact, and identify their causes.

They intend to share information on the legal and regulatory framework and best practices, including the protection of the Economic Information Infrastructure. Also, on the testing and certification of digital products.

They will work together on the risks associated with the deployment of 5G technologies and the technical solutions adopted to deal with them.

Cooperation in the area of fight against cybercrime

France and India recognise that cybercrime is a transnational crime that requires enhanced international cooperation. They plan to strengthen their cooperation in this area, with a particular view to facilitate the sharing of information, evidence collection, and the identification of offenders.

Cooperation on digital governance

The countries will strengthen their coordination to support the development of a legitimate and balanced approach to a secure digital sector at the international level. They will develop the necessary framework to ensure that technologies remain protective of public goods, data sovereignty, and fundamental freedoms.

Regulation of artificial intelligence

The two sides welcome the potential by the development of AI, particularly in the field of sustainable development, e-governance, autonomous transportation, smart cities, cybersecurity, health, education, and agriculture.

They will develop and implement AI policies and programs and are committed to fostering R&D in AI by sharing expertise and best practices.

Prevention of information manipulation

The countries aim to prevent the manipulation of information and spreading of fake news. They highlight the risks that can be raised by the circulation of manipulated information fake news and profiling of personal data.

Protection of personal information

France and India plan to develop an innovative digital ecosystem that is secure and respectful of users’ data protection. In the context of the implementation of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and India’s objective to put in place adequate regulation in this area, both parties recognise that the convergence of data protection frameworks of Europe and India would facilitate the flow of information and data.

Reduction of the digital divide

Considering the importance and the role of technology in the lives of citizens, France and India intend to promote digital inclusion, to bridge the divide and promote digital literacy, by exchanging information on their national policies and practices in this regard.

Artificial intelligence initiative

The countries plan to develop a research and innovation programme dedicated to AI.

A consortium, bringing together academic institutions, ministries and reference companies, will mobilise all the potential in AI around projects in the fields of health, climate, transport, agriculture, disaster response, and smart cities.

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