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Indonesia Ensures Nobody is Left Behind for Internet Access

The development of telecommunications infrastructure is one of the government’s missions for the Advanced Indonesia Cabinet so that no people are left behind in accessing internet services. Minister of Communications and Informatics Johnny G. Plate stated that one of the efforts to distribute telecommunication services was by deploying a 4G Base Transceiver Station (BTS) to serve people in the 3T (frontier, outermost and disadvantaged) areas.

We all want equality in telecommunications services in the era of digital transformation, the era of technological disruption, the era of the pandemic and the post-pandemic for the community to be well served. The motto and mission of the Ministry of Communication and Informatics is to serve the community through the use of technology so that no one is left behind.

– Johnny G. Plate, Minister of Communications and Informatics

Equitable internet access through the construction of 4G BTS can be done thanks to the financing commitment and strong political commitment from the government of Indonesia. With strong fiscal support, the disparity of Indonesia’s digital divide is getting narrower.

The Cooperation Contract for the Provision of Cellular Services in the 3T Region is one of the stages of carrying out the tasks of the Public Service Agency of the Telecommunications and Information Accessibility Agency (BLU BAKTI) of the Ministry of Communications and Informatics to build 9,113 BTS in the 3T region.

In addition, there are also challenges to security and public order or Kamtibmas where threats to both physical infrastructure and manpower are present and developing in the area. This is an extraordinary job with challenges, so these mandates must be carried out properly.

The development of digital infrastructure in all 3T areas in Indonesia which was built by BAKTI of the Ministry of Communication and Information is divided into two categories. For the first category, the Minister of Communication and Information stated that the construction includes 1,209 BTS which was built through the Universal Service Obligation scheme.

The second category, which is 7,904, is the object of today’s signing of a service agreement for the community, which is currently being carried out by two cellular operators through blended financing between the Universal Service Obligation.

The construction of 4G BTS, which continues to this day, has been supported by the hard work of all parties in carrying out their duties and roles to the fullest. The 4G BTS Cellular Service by BAKTI of the Ministry of Communication and Information can be enjoyed by the public through this cooperation scheme. BLU BAKTI Kominfo and two selected partners will collaborate with each other using their assets to produce integrated services.

As reported by OpenGov Asia, the Minister of Communications and Informatics Johnny G. Plate encourages everyone to continue to improve their quality of life in line with the projected number and types of new jobs due to technology adoption. It is projected that there will be 85 million old jobs that may be lost and 97 million new jobs that may appear, this is due to the division of labour between humans, machines and algorithms. The new jobs require a high level of digital skills and soft skills.

A report shows that in 2025 there will be 43% of industry players who reduce or reduce the number of workers as a consequence of the application of technology integration. Increasing digital skills and soft skills in line with technological developments for the workforce, especially the younger generation of Indonesia, can be done through upskilling and reskilling.

In addition, the Government has also carried out massive infrastructure development, especially in the first period of President Joko Widodo’s leadership. According to the Minister of Communication and Informatics, entering the current era of digital transformation, the development of digital infrastructure has been and is being accelerated by the Government and its partners and needs to be balanced with improving the quality of human resources.

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