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Indonesia: G20 DEWG Focuses on 3 Priority Areas


At the Indonesian G20 Presidency Summit in 2022, the topic of digital transformation was given top priority. In several G20 activities, Mira Tayyiba, secretary general of the Ministry of Communication and Informatics, said that the leaders of the G20 member countries are concerned about the issue of digital transformation.

Digital issues, such as employment, discussing digital, education, health, and other topics, are discussed in many working groups, according to Secretary-General Mira. The G20 Digital Economy Working Group (DEWG) has focused on discussing digital transformation on three priority issues such as cross-border data flow and data free flow with trust; digital skills, and literacy; and post-COVID-19 connectivity and recovery.

She clarified that they are discussing connectivity as well as human resources who can make use of and discuss flowing data. The second of these three issues, known as digital iteration, can be classified as a multilateral issue because it affects all G20 members, so there is no disagreement.

Secretary General Mira described the connectivity and recovery problem following the COVID-19 pandemic as a regional problem as not all G20 members are developed nations. While the G20 includes developed nations like the G7, it also includes emerging nations like South Africa and Brazil. Some groups continue to discuss connectivity even after they refer to it as connectivity.

G20 membership is split into three sects, Secretary General Mira said when speaking about the third data-related issue. The first madhhab, which is more individualised, is European. The second is the corporate-based American school, and the third is the state-based Chinese school.

With the convergence of these three schools, the G20 Indonesia Presidency can create an agreement based on shared values, stating that the transfer of data must be done in a way that is ethical, just, and transparent.

Secretary General Mira extended an invitation to the millennials in attendance at the discussion forum to cooperate and work together more to usher in a new era of digital transformation by supporting the upkeep of a clean and secure digital space. She has urged everyone to make good use of digital technology and safeguard a safe, moral and responsible online environment.

According to Dedy Permadi, the alternate chair of the G20 Digital Economy Working Group, the government of the Republic of Indonesia is fighting for tangible outcomes at the G20 Summit, one of which is the use of digital technology for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

According to Dedy Permadi, one of the discussions between Indonesia and the G20 member countries is about the use of digital technology for MSMEs for them to survive and grow by going digital or online.

One of the solutions was digital technology, and prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of MSMEs that went digital was around 9 million of the total 64 million MSMEs that contributed 60 per cent of Indonesia’s GDP. This is a fantastic deal. During the pandemic, approximately 12 million MSMEs were added.

Digital technology is used by about 32% of the 64 million MSMEs in Indonesia or 21 million of them. This means that as of right now, 68% of MSMEs have not used the digital space to help their businesses grow. Hence, it is a goal of the G20 countries to learn more about how digital connectivity can help the world economy get back on its feet.

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