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Indonesia Highlights Importance of Data Protection

Indonesia Highlights Importance of Data Protection

Indonesia’s Minister of Communication and Information Johnny G. Plate had highlighted the importance of data protection in a nation.

It concerns several aspects that include security and economy.

According to a recent press release, the Minister shared how protecting public information is closely related to the commitment of realising data sovereignty amid the current technological dynamics.

Importance of Data

Data has high economic value, but more than that, it pertains to the sovereignty of the nation.

With the presence of big data as well as artificial intelligence (AI), everything related to data can be analysed.

In order for a nation to advance in the digital world, the nation must gain access and have robust data with a capability in artificial intelligence.

If Indonesia wishes to thrive in the digital world, then the country needs to prepare for that.

Protecting data sovereignty requires having a regulation in place. The Government is addressing this as they are preparing a Bill on Personal Data Protection (RUU PDP).

Indonesia Plans for Data Sovereignty

The Minister detailed that part of their roadmap in data sovereignty is to produce a data centre in Indonesia.

Also, they are planning to produce government and corporate policies, pertaining to artificial intelligence, together.

In other news, the Minister expressed the need for digital platforms operating in the country to exercise their rights and fulfil their obligations, which is to pay digital taxes.

Digital Tax for Digital Platforms

Digital platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Netflix, which are operating in Indonesia, have a stake in the development of telecommunications infrastructure and should fulfil their tax obligations to achieve this.

Discussion on the matter should ensure so that their growing businesses can run properly and well.

This is because the government wants the digital industry to develop and thrive in Indonesia, as stressed by the Minister.

Digital taxes are important as it produces state revenue, which will thereby expand digital infrastructure.

The benefits to be reaped by the digital industry will definitely be felt by the community as well.

The state revenues, which will be collected, can be used to improve and build better digital infrastructure in the future.

The availability of digital infrastructure and having adequate regulation in place will encourage efficient and economical frequency allocation. Moreover, it will advance the industry and grow application platforms too.

As the digital industry grows, there is an increasing need to produce more digital talent in the country.

The Government hopes that the digital industry will develop and create more measurable and fast jobs, which should also take into account farmers, ranchers, fishermen, MSMEs and the market through the available marketplace.

Indonesia Digital Talent Scholarship

The Minister has reportedly explained the Ministry’s Digital Talent Scholarship Program, which aims to produce superior human resources in the digital industry, which will meet the demand.

He guaranteed that 50,000 digital talents will be accepted for the scholarship program in 2020. Priority will be given to scholars, those without time to work in order for them to immediately take part.

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