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Indonesia Keen to Boost Digital Talent

According to Johnny G.Plate, Minister of Communication and Information, by 2025 85 million old jobs would become redundant and 97 million new jobs created due to the division of labour between humans, computers and algorithms. “With the massive adoption of digital technology in various sectors of life and with the change in the job configuration, there are the top 10 skill sets that need to be mastered by 2025.”

The Minister emphasised several key components of developing digital talent. One of these is the significance of having the assistance of stakeholders to adequately address the shifting dynamics of the present global digital talent requirements.

The skill set consists of reasoning, problem-solving, and ideation as well as analytical thinking and innovation, active learning and learning strategies, complex problem-solving, critical thinking and analysis, creativity, originality, initiative, leadership, and social influence. It also includes technology use, monitoring, and control as well as technology design and programming.

Minister Johnny also emphasised the advancements in policy in digital education management. He referred to the World Bank Group’s Five Strategies of Digital Skills Country Action Plan (DSCAP) as a resource or manual for educational institutions in the digital sector.

He added that the five interrelated tactics are meant to help pupils improve their digital literacy. Covering creating enabling policies, creating a framework for digital skills, reforming the programme for developing digital skills, maximising the use of technology in teaching and learning, connecting higher education and institutions to reasonably priced high-speed broadband, and building capacity and streamlining business processes in Ministries.

The role of women in the realm of digital transformation was also emphasised by the minister of communication and information. The Minister of Communication and Information stated that until 2020, women will make up only 35% of all students majoring in STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

Women make up only 3% of students enrolled in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) academic programmes. The presence of women in higher education, particularly in STEM fields, places women at a disadvantage when it comes to gaining opportunities and jobs created by digital transformation.

In the meantime, the Indonesian government is establishing five super-priority tourist attractions to strengthen the country’s tourism industry and one of the top priorities is the Borobudur Temple region. Thus, the cellular carriers and telecom tower operators were instructed to manage the architecture of information and communication technology to upgrade and prepare a new face for Borobudur.

Minister Johnny underlined that one of the most significant contributions to the environment of telecommunications is the effective management and regulation of tower height. According to him, there are already 22 telecommunications towers within a five-kilometre radius; this must be managed as part of the aesthetics of the Borobudur Temple region.

It must be set up specifically at a height like the highest terrace of the temple, which is 283 metres above sea level. If it is constructed, it might become a component of Borobudur’s creative landscape. In addition, if the tower model is appealing, it might come together as a package that represents Borobudur’s new image, particularly with the development of modern technology.

According to the Minister, there are numerous ICT industry specialists that can plan development in a way that ICT infrastructure can further highlight the Borobudur area’s beauty. He believes that everyone who visits will leave with more than just appreciation for Borobudur. Additionally, the Minister anticipates that the telecoms and informatics sector will demonstrate strong regional artistry while supporting modern infrastructure.

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