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Indonesia to boost fishing sector via digitalisation

The One Million Sovereign Fishermen program will be prioritised, according to Indonesia’s Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs Luhut Binsar Panjaitan, under the national program on the Indonesian Maritime Policy.

According to a recent report, the program aims to develop the country’s maritime sector and turn it into the world’s maritime axis.

Why turn to digitalisation?

Reportedly, Indonesia has enormous marine wealth. The data of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) for 2017 showed that the country’s marine wealth is worth US$ 2.5 trillion per year.

However, only 7% of it was maximised due to the limited technology available in the maritime sector.

This will change as the program initiated by the Ministry targets to raise the 7% to reach 17%. Additionally, it aims to reduce the 25% national poverty rate, to which the fishermen belong to.

300 districts and cities in coastal areas across the county will be implementing the program by the end of 2019, targeting 300,000 fishermen to be its participants.

This program will be beneficial to the fishermen as their monthly income is expected to increase to at least US$ 706.02 (IDR 10 million).

Moreover, it will create an integrated and efficient marketing method that will shorten supply chain and provide information on fish distribution.

Moreover, fishermen will get adequate technology and marketing support from a digital company partner of the Ministry so that they can navigate through the country’s ocean wealth.

Digital tech benefits

Digital technology, through the FishOn platform, will augment and aid the fishermen as they go about their work.

FishOn is an Android-based navigation platform that has several functions useful for the fishermen. It can:

  1. Locate fish in the ocean
  2. Preserve and sell fish
  3. Communicate or chat
  4. Connect to the fishermen cooperative unit through an electronic payment getaway
  5. Serve as a logbook and panic button during emergency situations

Moreover, there are sales and warehouse management applications that allow for cooperation among the fishermen.

There is also an online fish auction application for fishermen and fish traders, as well as a fish e-commerce website application.

Additionally, the digital company also develops Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices that can provide cheap internet services in the middle of the sea.

They also have technology that utilises natural materials to preserve fish so that it can stay fresh for 45 days.

The Coordinating Minister highlighted the significance of delivering accurate information in a very timely manner. Thus, developing the digital economy across various industrial sectors is a must.

Project Implementation

For the project’s implementation, they will be developing one model for one city and if successful, it will be duplicated in other places.

Hopefully, other big companies, through their corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs, will contribute and support this initiative for its continuity as it will help the fishermen.

The government, for their part, will help these companies by easing their licensing processes, among others.

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