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Indonesia to Upskill Entrepreneurs with Disabilities

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Presidential Staffer of Indonesia Angkie Yudistia emphasised that people with “functional limitations” have the fundamental right to obtain population documents to access all public services in a variety of fields.

These services include healthcare, social assistance, education, as well as a variety of projects that offer financial incentives to businesses, economic recovery programmes at the national level, and other programmes run by both the government and private organisations. The following step is to spread awareness of micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) that are owned and operated by these people with “functional limitations.”

“I would like to thank the Ministry of SOEs [Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises] through its ecosystem which has helped create an inclusive economy, especially for people with disabilities,” Angkie said.

She acknowledged that the realisation of an inclusive economy is a priority that needs to be pushed so that it can be immediately implemented in accordance with the regulations that are currently in place. Moreover, she requested the Provincial Government of the Special Region of Yogyakarta to work in conjunction with the Population and Civil Registration Office to expedite the collection of data pertaining to people with “functional limitations.”

The Yogyakarta Provincial Government views the partnership with each other, including the collection of data on people with disabilities, as a very positive development. Furthermore, Angkie referred to Government Regulation Number 70 of 2019 on Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation of the Respect, Protection, and Fulfilment of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities as the regulation that oversees their country’s Master Plan for Persons with Disabilities.

In order to take one of the concrete steps toward the goal of making Indonesia more accessible to people with disabilities, the Inclusive Indonesia Synergy Movement was launched in the form of a synergy between the Indonesian government, the private sector, organisations, and also people with disabilities.

This movement’s goal is to make Indonesia more inclusive of people with disabilities. We expect that different multi-sectors will be able to help one other through this synergy in order to maximise the capabilities of people who have disabilities.

She expressed her gratitude for the various training, apprenticeships, and assistance for entrepreneurial endeavours that have been organised by the Ministry of SOEs ecosystem and are presently being conducted out in Yogyakarta for over 200 persons with disabilities.

The goal of this project is to realise disability independence in the economic sector so that no one is left behind in the growth of the country. It is anticipated that this will serve as a pilot project for several multi-sectors. The commitment of the government to defend and respect the rights of people with disabilities has been given a tangible form with the creation of the National Disabilities Commission.

The establishment of the commission is also a symbol of President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo’s commitment to the implementation of Law Number 8 of 2016 on Persons with Disabilities and Presidential Regulation Number 68 of 2020 on the National Disabilities Commission. Both pieces of legislation were passed under his administration.

The establishment of the commission is a step in the process of ensuring the protection and fulfilment of the rights of persons with disabilities based on equal rights as citizens of Indonesia. This will be accomplished via the establishment of the commission. They can partake in the benefits of development while also contributing to the growth of the nation. The Indonesian government has issued a call to action to encourage everyone to assist the commission in carrying out its duties and responsibilities.

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