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Indonesian Directorate of Tax to focus on delivering Big Data Analytics, Mobility, and Smart Cards in 2016

OpenGov caught up with Mr. Iwan Djuniardi, Director Transformation Technology, Communication and Information, Directorate of General Tax / Ministry of Finance, Indonesia.

We had recently reported that his 16 year old son, Muhammad Aditya Hilmy, is developing the innovative technology behind kiosks for tax services which Mr. Iwan Djuniardi will deploy.

For 2016, Mr. Iwan Djuniardi will be focused on four strategic areas:

  • Big Data Analytics
  • Mobility
  • CRS (Cash Register Systems)
  • Smart Cards

As we know, the Directorate of Tax is looking at using third party data, from which the kiosk system will operate. This allows the system to operate through the enhanced server capacity –running through billions of records. The data mining process helps identify those individuals who should be paying tax.

Mobility is a crucial area for Mr. Iwan Djuniardi as he is tasked to provide services to those on-the-go.

It has been forecasted that by 2019, the mobile penetration rate will reach 47.6 %, up from 24 % reported in 2013. With this, the Directorate of Tax is tasked with creating mobile-enabled services that will meet great demands from the increasingly mobile generation.

Just this past week the Directorate of Tax has reached a major milestone, it was announced that Indonesian citizens will be able to pay their taxes through e-billing services.

This move to e-billing is in line with how citizens are adapting to this new era of digital transformation and connectivity.

With e-Billing, the Directorate of General Tax is providing an easier, more secure, and convenient platform for citizens to submit tax payments.

With the point about CRS, this would require retailers to use a device which reports their revenue directly to the Directorate of Tax. Mr. Iwan Djuniardi expressed interest in this platform as a way for his agency to better manage the retail reporting currently in place.

Mr. Iwan Djuniardi discussed plans to introduce a Smart Card for banks. This card would be attached to the individual’s tax ID number to use for e-money services. As for when this card would be made available, Mr. Iwan Djuniardi said he will be working on developing greater capacity for the card before bringing it to surface.

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