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Indonesian-Made QR Device to Boost Businesses

Indonesia Quick Response Electronic Data Capture QR EDC Machine

Indonesia’s Ministry of Industry expressed appreciation for the launch of the Quick Response Electronic Data Capture (QR-EDC) machine produced by PT. Tata Sarana Mandiri (TSM).

According to a recent press release, a locally-made QR-EDC machine is a transaction tool that will help small and medium industry players run their businesses and at the same time, increase their competitiveness.

Benefits of the QR-EDC Machine

  • The Director General of the Small, Medium and Various Industries of the Ministry of Industry explained that the technology will help digitise the transaction system of SMEs in Indonesia.
  • In addition, it will simplify the transaction process for SMEs. The ease of transaction will produce a positive impact on SMEs that are selling products to consumers.
  • The QR-EDC machine reached a Domestic Content Level value above 40%, which is considered evidence for the effort being placed in reducing dependence on the use of imported products.
  • Achieving this requires continuous collaboration between the government, industry and society in order for Indonesia to thrive in the development of Industry 4.0.
  • PT TSM CEO Yovita Bellina Lim shared that the QR-EDC they produced can help SMEs solve several digital payment problems.

Functions and Capabilities of QR-EDC Machine

It has a dynamic QR code; it is mobile in nature and is supported by a 5000 mAh battery capacity and is very affordable for SMEs in the country.

Moreover, it is very lightweight; uses QRIS that is in accordance with Bank Indonesia’s standards; has EMV QR Code for Europay, Mastercard and Visa; and has contactless support.

It is the first EDC machine with a dual-screen technology, which is used for displaying application menus and payment QR codes. The dual-screen display allows merchants and buyers to see the screens at the same time, making the transactions transparent. It is easier to use and more practical.

Furthermore, the device has two front-facing cameras that scan the QR codes from customers. The company had embedded it with 4G-based mobile technology through the Snapdragon Chipset developed by Qualcomm.

To make the experience more personalised, the device can be customised according to the needs of the user. It will make financial transactions for the businesses and the customers easier and more advanced than ever before.

The product is very versatile as it can support a range of target markets: MSMEs, banks, and government institutions. There are also plans to export the product.

This device is the result of the design and development of an independent TSM with the involvement of the nation’s children, in short, locally-made.

The machine, it is expected, will become a pride for the country’s as it showcases Indonesia’s technological prowess.

Additionally, the product is very much in line with President Widodo’s vision of fostering digital inclusion for SMEs, as the country prepares for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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