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Indonesian Ministry of Finance introduces E-Billing service

Indonesian Ministry of Finance introduces E Billing service

The Indonesian Ministry of Finance has announced that this year, citizens can submit their tax payments via their online system though e-billing.

The Directorate General of Taxes for Taxpayers is providing the upgraded service and managing the e-billing system.

We recently caught up with Mr. Iwan Djuniardi, Director Transformation Technology, Communication and Information, Directorate of General Tax, whom stated, “We have already improved our infrastructure and are looking at innovations such as mobile applications, cloud computing, big data analytics, and social business.”

This move to e-billing is in line with how citizens are adapting to this new era of digital transformation and connectivity.

With e-Billing, the Directorate of General Tax is providing an easier, more secure, and convenient platform for citizens to submit tax payments.

To use this system, taxpayers must register at http://sse.pajak.go.id by entering tax number and email address.

Furthermore, taxpayers will get a billing code, which can be used to make payments at Bank Teller /Perception Post, regular ATM, MiniATM, or internet banking. 

A successful transaction will be followed by a receipt which is the equivalent of a Tax Payment Slip.

Several state-owned banks will continue to accommodate manual tax payments until 30 June, this year. After that, citizens will be expected to make a shift to the online system.

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