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Indonesian students demonstrate robotics prowess

Photo Credit: Bandung Institute of Technology

The Robotics Unit of the Bandung Institute of Technology (URO-ITB) added another achievement in their roster of recognitions when they won 3 titles from the National Indonesian Robot Contest (KRI).

The contest had 6 divisions. These are:

  1. The Indonesian ABU Robot Contest
  2. The Indonesian Fire Extinguisher Robot Contest
  3. The Indonesian Dance Arts Robot Contest
  4. The Indonesian Soccer Robot Contest
  5. The Indonesian Football Robot Contest
  6. The Indonesian Wheeled and Thematic Robot Contest

About the robots

According to a recent press release, the team won in the first and sixth divisions. For the sixth division, each team, who participated, had to make two robots that would function as messengers.

As the robots deliver messages to one another, each must to go through several zones. These zones are throwing zones, landing zones, and mountain zones, among others.

For each particular zone, there are obstacles that the robots must pass such as forests, bridges, and sand dunes.

The team’s robots defeated the competitors because of their speed, agility and reliability.

Reliability was based on the robots’ ability to detect obstacles, to turn flexibly and to avoid hitting the obstacles.

The winning team

The team is made up of multi-disciplinary students coming from Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Systems and Information Technology, and even Biology.

The team members underwent a plethora of activities to prepare themselves for the competition. They spent almost 1 semester doing research on robots and various mechanisms.

Although coming from different fields, the team shared a common goal that helped them land their victory. Their difference did not hinder them from functioning as a unit.

The Robotics Unit is a student activity unit that serves as a forum for students who want to explore and develop their talent and interests in the field of robotics.

Representing Indonesia

After winning the National KRI 2019, the team will represent Indonesia in the 2019 ABO Robocon event. The event will be held in Ulaanbatar, Mongolia, in August 2019.

To prepare, the team is undergoing both technical and non-technical activities.

For the technical aspect, they are carrying out further developments on the robot that they will be using for the competition.

Developments on the robot include repairs. It will also be strengthened to avoid breaking. Improvements in performance are expected after minor repairs are done.

Meanwhile, for the non-technical aspect, the team is faced with challenges that include funding and departure administration.

The team is positive. Hopefully, they will be able to represent their country well in the competition and are looking forward to having support from across the country as they compete.

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