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Indonesia’s BAKTI Podcast Promotes Literacy


The Telecommunications and Information Accessibility Agency (BAKTI) of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (Kominfo) provided Southeast Maluku Regency residents with access to the BAKTI Podcast Application. The application is anticipated to promote community literacy. According to the BAKTI Podcast Team, given the current state of information technology, anyone may create digital content.

“The BAKTI Podcast Application Service can be an example of developing quality and accountable social media content creators,” says Antonius UW Raharusun, Head of the Malra Communication and Information Office.

He praised the application because it showed concern and support for the community, and he noted that technology has become one of the digital era’s necessities, and it must keep up with advances.

Meanwhile, Kominfo hosted a boot camp to train and distribute Fresh Graduate Academy (FGA) participants of the Digital Talent Scholarship (DTS) Programme so that they can begin working in the industrial sectors immediately.

This Bootcamp programme is open to participants who have completed the DTS Programme or who hold a certificate in the training theme. Around 50 volunteers were chosen to enter the programme through a sequence of choices that included administration, substance selection/field tests, and interviews. The training was packaged to be more applicable by introducing the work world. As a result, Kominfo collaborates with Metrodata Academy to provide extensive online training.

According to Kominfo, the DTS programme is designed to develop Indonesian digital talents who will not only be consumers but will also contribute to the digital economy in the future. It can also help to identify potential digital talents and help Indonesia become a digital champion in the future.

The FGA DTS programme is a training programme designed to increase competence in the field of information and communication technology to prepare graduates who have not worked or are not currently working to have professional competence in accordance with the needs of domestic and foreign industries.

Kominfo works with well-known worldwide technology partners, local technological education partners, and colleges to deliver the training. The agency prepares the requirement for qualified professionals with global certification through the DTS Programme FGA.

Kominfo’s training also encourages collaboration to develop a balanced ecosystem and maximise the role of the triple helix (government agencies, industry, and educational institutions) as facilitators and accelerators of the digital economy. The agency hopes that the participant will learn things that will help them in their careers and could shape the future.

OpenGov Asia earlier reported that Kominfo develops dependable digital skills to assist with digital transformation. As a result, the agency collaborates with DQLab at Multimedia Nusantara University to prepare young people for careers in data science.

Indonesia expects that people with varying levels of education and digital abilities can benefit from the training. Many governments and businesses value data skills because data processing and analysis are critical components of policymaking.

As a result, data science is the greatest option for young individuals who wish to work in the data sector to begin or advance their careers. According to the Ministry, people in the digital age require a plethora of new talents and professions.

There is also an increasing demand in the data sector for professional individuals who can be trusted in the data field. Similarly, Indonesia wishes to strengthen the human resources (HR) business, which is likewise well-versed in data.

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