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Indonesia’s Institut Teknologi Bandung signs MoU for utilisation of science and technology in geospatial information

Indonesias Institut Teknologi Bandung signs MoU for utilisation of science and technology in geospatial information

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between
the Institut
Teknologi Bandung
(ITB) and the Geospatial Information Agency (BIG) in
order to strengthen cooperation between the two in the utilisation of science
and technology in the field of geospatial information.

According to the announcement
made by the Institut of Teknologi Bandung, the MoU will cover different aspects
of geospatial information such as the sharing of geospatial data; research and
development of science and technology related to geospatial information;
development of network nodes and the dissemination of information in geospatial
information; and other activities.

The MoU was signed by the ITB Rector Prof
Kadarsah Suryadi and Geospatial Information Agency Head Prof Hasanuddin Z

Prof Hasanuddin is also a professor at ITB.
During his remarks, he explained that this cooperation is an extension of a
previous one. The cooperation involves many researchers from the different
fields of Geodesy, Planology, Oceanography, Informatics as well as basic and
thematic Geospatial researchers.

Prof Hasanuddin said that the cooperation
has also supported students and research groups in finishing their researches by
conducting utilisation of data and Science and Technology have been conducted
to support students or research groups to finish their researches.

He added that the government is currently
counting the quantity of rice needed for production in Indonesia, which is now
an urgent task that the cooperation needs to do.

He explained, “The area for rice fields is
obtained by mapping in order to know the quantity needed for export and import,
including fertilizer subsidy etc.”

The Rector of ITB expressed his sincerest
gratitude for the trust given to ITB during the occasion. Prof Kadarsah said, “We
are ready to cooperate with BIG for the interest of our people and nation. Data
is important for our researches in ITB.”

The delegation from ITB who were present
during the signing were Vice-Rector of Research, Innovation, and Partnership
(WRRIM) Prof Bambang Riyanto, Vice-Rector of Finance, Planning, and Development
(WRURK) Prof Wawan Gunawan A. Kadir, Director for Public Relations ad Alumni Dr
Samitha Dewi Djajanti, and several lecturers from ITB’s research groups.

The Head of the Centre of Research, Promotion,
and Partnership of BIG Mr Wiwin Ambarwulan said that the signing is expected to
strengthen the long-term partnership between ITB and BIG.

“The implementation of this MoU also covers
the agreement regarding the Centre for Infrastructure Development of Spatial
Data (PPIDS). The cooperation is includes almost all areas with higher
educations, which means that the cooperation is conducted with one university in
each province, one of them being ITB,” he said.

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