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Indonesia’s ITB develops Blockchain ID to protect data

Most aspects of the lives of the people nowadays have become sophisticated thanks to technology. Several concepts of smart technology have become a trend on its own.

Digitalisation and ICT in the Fourth Industrial Revolution are examples of such. Add to that, the implementation of automation in supply chains and manufacturing processes.

With improvements, the automated processes have already integrated data in them.

Moreover, there is an observed increase in the demand and use of smart technology. Indonesia is being challenged in terms of readiness and maturity in implementing Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, and computing cognition.

According to a recent report, with important data being integrated in the processes, it is necessary to guarantee its security and validity.

In order to achieve this, a student from the Institut Teknologi Bandung developed a blockchain system, called Blockchain ID, to protect the data.

The report explained blockchain as a system of data recording that is spread across all the networks in the system. It has the ability to apply a simple but crucial concept in practice.

In cryptocurrency, for instance, decentralising the data is important to prevent the loss of data control if the main system is, unfortunately, tapped.

Even if the data found on a specific computer in the network is damaged, the transaction history will be safe and protected since it is stored in encrypted form on another computer in the network.

For added protection, only the data owner and selected parties can open the transaction details using a private key.

Moreover, having preventive measures in place, against the possibility of misuse of personal data found in the central system, will be very useful especially in this digital era.

As much as 90% of the people all over the world are worried about how their identity is being used. While only the remaining 10% feel that they have control over their identity.

In order to give the control over their own identity back to the users, Blockchain ID was created.

With the slogan, “Identity Control Back to You”, the Blockchain ID allows the data owners to have full control of their own personal data.

They will be able to change and manage their own data. More importantly, they will be able to track who is using their identity aside from them.

Blockchain development in Indonesia is still very limited as of current. It is an important perspective to remember during the Fourth Industrial Revolution as it provides high level of security and data validity, particularly as automation and digital marketing require a safely distributed database.

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