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Indonesia’s Ministry of Tourism partners to boost tourism through technology

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Indonesia’s Ministry of Tourism partnered with a ride-hailing app to launch a breakthrough innovation, which is the iconic hyperlocal transportation services, in the country.

According to a recent report, this initiative that involves the three-wheeler transportation, called bajay, aims to boost the tourist experience and provide more transportation options for locals and visitors alike.

About the initiative

This breakthrough innovation is part of an ongoing collaboration between the Ministry and the company to support the ‘Wonderful Indonesia’ campaign with digitalisation.

Not only that, but this will provide a unique experience for the 20 million foreign tourists targeted to arrive this year.

Indonesia is a country known for its rich culture and natural beauty with ‘Wonderful Indonesia’ becoming a sustainable initiative from the Ministry of Tourism to promote these tourism destinations.

These tourism destinations – Jakarta, Medan, and Gorontalo – may avail of this option, though the name of the option differs in each of the destination.

Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya hopes that with the help of technology there will be more tourists who will come and visit these wonderful destinations.

Boosting tourism in the country

Reportedly, the Ministry’s data revealed that there were around 1.3 million foreign tourists who visited Indonesia in April 2019.

This showed an increase of 0.11% as compared to April 2018. Thus, with around 11,000 bajays operating in Jakarta, the improved quality of the hyperlocal transportation may potentially improve the value of these tourism destinations.

This will, therefore, allow tourists to enjoy a more unique experience during their visits.

The company is happy to collaborate with the Ministry and utilise their technology to support the country’s attractive and culturally rich destinations.

Technology is the key

By utilising technology, the quality of this iconic local transportation service will be improved and can be enjoyed by everyone.

Boosting tourism in Jakarta and other areas in Indonesia is the goal of this collaboration.

While the company and the Ministry have already collaborated last year to provide a safe and comfortable travel experience for tourists who visit Indonesia, this years’ partnership will utilise the company’s tech to incorporate the bajay and other unique local transportation vehicles.

This unique feature may lead to a plethora of benefits. These benefits include:

  1. Increasing the income of driver-partners and bajay owners by improving productivity
  2. Boosting the economy of the communities in these tourism spots by providing unique, fast, safe, comfortable and affordable transportation solutions for tourists

The company remains to be committed in its thrust of providing transportation solutions that can have positive impacts for the driver-partners and customers.

With this collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism, attracting more visitors is imminent as this feature’s presence in the respective tourist destinations provides an alternative means of transportation that will give tourists a unique experience.

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