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Indonesia’s Public Housing Ministry pushes for more mobile apps in government

The Indonesian government has renewed its call for more agencies to adapt to technology and sustain the country’s momentum in its digital transformation. In a statement, the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) encouraged the use of information and communications applications to streamline government processes.

However, PUPR Minister Basuki Hadimuljono, clarified that there was no need to rush in adopting digital technologies, particularly in the housing sector where accountability must always be present. He said, “We have to do digital development quickly, but don’t just chase volume. With this digital innovation, the quality of the MBR houses built must be more guaranteed. As long as there is APBN money in its construction, the PUPR Ministry is responsible for the community in maintaining its quality. Make sure the subsidies get into the right hands, don’t mess with the subsidy money and the quality must be accounted for once again.” 

The statement cited two apps that are currently used in government: the Subsidised KPR Information System (SiKasep) and the Information System for Developers (SiKumbang) app. These applications are being used extensively by the Ministry’s Housing Financing Fund Management Center. It added that these Android-based programmes help in the distribution of the Center’s Housing Financing Liquidity Facility (FLPP). This credit facility also allows low-income segments of the population to purchase their own houses.

The Ministry likewise took pride in noting that it has garnered awards for its innovative approach in its transactions and undertakings. These include recognition in this year’s Top Digital Awards for its digital implementations and readiness to adapt to digital transformation. Criteria used by the award-giving body include information governance and suitability of infrastructure projects. 

For 2021, the FLPP’s budget is pegged to be at IDR 19.1 trillion (US$ 1.3 billion). The budget will be allotted for the construction of 157,500 housing units that will be distributed by 30 of the Ministry’s partner banks. The Ministry has already distributed 107,997 units worth IDR 11.094 trillion (US$ 782.5 million). This amount represents more than the targets earlier set by the Indonesian government. It was reported that 255,460 people have already used the SiKasep application and 107,261 beneficiaries have been granted FLPP funds.  

Indonesia has been at the top of its game in terms of transitioning to digital technology. The vision of the government is in line with the Making Indonesia 4.0 roadmap. Under this blueprint, the Indonesian government is set to undertake a series of advanced reforms in a number of sectors in the economy. One of these key areas for improvement is the manufacturing sector. 

As OpenGov Asia earlier reported, the country anticipates that through this roadmap, the economy will be able to get a boost by 1% to 2%, with the manufacturing sector making up nearly a fourth or 25% of the gross domestic product by 2030. Other areas in the roadmap for digital reformation include the food and beverage, electronics and automotives industries.  

To achieve these goals, Indonesia has embarked on several undertakings to improve its digital infrastructure. In a separate report, OpenGov Asia cited that the government has collaborated with one of its neighbours in Asia to boost its communications technology. The Ministry of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform announced that it is in partnership with South Korea for a series of knowledge-sharing activities. The events, it stated, are part of directives to improve its Electronic-Based Government System or what it commonly calls the SBPE. Some of the key areas that the partnership aims to improve on are public health, education and the services sectors. Innovative technologies gathered from the tie-up shall likewise be used in crime prevention and emergency response programmes. 

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