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Indonesia’s Three Digital Development Focus Areas in 2023

By 2023, the Ministry of Communication and Informatics has set three primary goals for improving digital infrastructure and technology. Johnny G. Plate, Minister of Communication, and Informatics, aims to complete upstream infrastructure development, a national data centre (PDN), and the Telecommunications Equipment Testing Centre (BBPPT).

The ministry has planned to build fibre optic cables, Base Transceiver Stations (BTS), and satellites for upstream digital infrastructure growth.

“We anticipate that SATRIA-1 and the Hot Backup Satellite (HBS) will be operational in the second quarter of this year. It will begin to function later, at the end of 2023,” he elaborated.

The ministry also intends to finish the construction of the Telecommunication Equipment Testing Centre (BBPPT). BBPPT will become ASEAN’s largest ICT equipment testing centre. The ministry estimates that the building will be turned over, and the equipment will begin to be installed in the first quarter of 2023, with the entire facility completed in 2023.

Concerning the National Data Centre, the Minister of Communication and Informatics remarked that it is critical to prepare the Indonesian government to accelerate national development.

“Although the construction process has not yet been completed, the presence of PDN this year is critical to provide support for more efficient and effective state administrators, as well as support for data interoperability to produce One Data Indonesia or the government’s Data-Driven Policy,” Johnny explained.

PDN will be used as the infrastructure for the Electronic-Based Government System in the future (SPBE). Cloud computing, big data analytics and artificial intelligence, blockchain, and the metaverse will also be part of the PDN ecosystem. Hence The National Data Centre should result in more intelligent and sophisticated governance.

The first PDN in Indonesia was created following Tier-IV requirements, the world’s highest standards. The global Tier-4 International Standards demand a continuous data centre with a water-cooling system. As a result, in terms of power supply or electricity, 20 Megawatts will be delivered for the first time, with the capacity to be extended to 80 Megawatts to assure continuous availability.

The first national data centre (PDN) will be roughly 40 kilometres outside Jakarta, with 25,000 CPU cores, 40 Petabytes of storage, and 200 TB of memory. Following completing the first PDN in Cikarang, West Java, the second PDN will be developed in Batam City’s Nongsa neighbourhood, Riau Archipelago Province. A fibre optic network capable of connecting the area and its surrounds to western Indonesia already exists at this site. Next, PDN will develop in East Nusa Tenggara, near IKN and Labuan Bajo.

Meanwhile, the government data centre and cloud services have assisted Thailand in saving more than 800 million baht (US$ 22.98 million) per year on digital infrastructure. The Thailand National Standardisation Council (NSC) has determined that the Government Data Centre and Cloud Service (GDCC) development projects can assist government agencies in reducing their financial burden.

The digital infrastructure budget is decreased by approximately 854 million baht (US$ 24.53 million), or 54.56%, compared to the cloud procurement agency from the market itself. Furthermore, the Thai government has altered how data is collected and processed on government cloud services (GDCC). As a result, cloud services have grown in popularity; in the previous year, government agencies used cloud technology at approximately 86.35%, 13.32% for Data Analytics technology, and 4.61% for AI technology.

The top five most utilised agencies are the Ministry of Public Health (24.10%), the Prime Minister’s Office (12.97%), the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research, and Innovation (12.84%), the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society (10.26%), and the Ministry of Labour (4.64%).

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