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Indonesia’s Transformation Academy to Enhance Government Digital Skills

The Indonesian government developed the digital capabilities of its civil servants through the Government Transformation Academy (GTA) Training for State Civil Servants (ASN). The Ministry of Communication and Informatics has begun accepting applications for the first batch of 2023 ASN GTA.

Nusirwan, the Head of the ICT Training and Development Centre for the Human Resources Research and Development Agency (BPPTIK) of the Ministry of Communication and Informatics, mentioned that the training was expected to increase understanding of computer devices, office applications, and information security awareness for everyday workplace needs.

“Kominfo believes that entrants will have digital competence, particularly in the use of peripheral computer equipment, basic word processing software, basic presentation software, basic image processing software, internet-based applications, specifying aspects of user information security, and bringing the concept of issues and public opinion,” he said at BPPTIK Cikarang in Bekasi.

The Digital Talent Scholarship Programme includes four basic ICT training themes in GTA. Basic ICT Training, Graphic Designers, Video Productions, and Junior Network Administrators are among the training themes. Any ASN from anywhere in Indonesia who meets the qualifications can register online and passes the selection can participate in the programme.

The programme will comprise 30% information or knowledge and 70% exercise, accompanied by Indonesian language modules. The instructional materials can be retrieved via the Learning Management System (LMS) and studied independently before, during, and after training. For participants with disabilities, the ministry has established independent training support facilities and infrastructure.

“Training participants are intended for Indonesian citizens who work as civil servants and honorary employees and are open to all levels of positions,” he stated.

Prospective participants in the ICT Field Technical Training must also have the equipment to facilitate implementation. Participants must have a laptop/computer with Microsoft Windows, Linux, or macOS OS specs, at least 4GB of RAM, online meeting apps, Wi-Fi connectivity with a dedicated internet connection of 512kbps per participant per device, and a webcam and microphone.

In graphic designer training, participants will be given the information and techniques to obtain basic design concepts, basic communication standards, design briefs, design software, and design works.

Aside from that, the graphic designer participant must have a laptop/computer with Microsoft Windows, Linux, or macOS Operating System specifications, at least 4 GB RAM RAM capacity (8 GB RAM preferred), online meeting applications, a minimum screen resolution of 1024×768, an internet browser, equipped with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator software running.

Meanwhile, video production training is emphasised or targeted at Public Relations functional and managers authorities, teaching staff or educators to create and improve public video content creation expertise.

“The requirements to participate in video production training are the same as technical training in the ICT field, but ASN is prioritised with criteria such as a Public Relations Functional Officer or Information and Public Relations Manager, multimedia teaching staff, extension workers, or participant education with a threshold associate degree from various majors,” Nusirwan explained.

Participants will gain digital competency in learning management through the Junior Network Administrator Training, designing computer network addresses, wireless switch settings, and routing on autonomous system network devices simultaneously.

Indonesia is working hard to improve the digital skills of its government employees as a response to the rapid digital world changes. Previously, the government promised to hire additional data scientists and digital experts as part of the open recruitment for civil servant applicants in 2023. However, the government is currently analysing which duties may be affected by digital advancement and may reduce some employment.

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