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Inflight virtual reality for an enhanced passenger experience

Indonesia’s national flag carrier airline has launched an inflight virtual reality (VR) entertainment system to its business class passengers in a bid to enhance their flight experience.

According to a recent report, the new entertainment system is part of the airline’s ongoing “The New Flight Experience” campaign to update and improve its range of in-flight amenities.

Improving inflight experience

The virtual reality system is expected to improve the convenience of the passengers, particularly those traveling in long-haul flights.

Valued passengers will be able to watch various box-office movies on an immersive wide-angle, 180 – 360 degree screen through this entertainment system.

Introduced in January 2019, trial had been done on domestic and international flights that include Jakarta – Manado, in North Sulawesi, from January to February; Jakarta – Denpasar, in Bali, from February to March; and Jakarta – Singapore, starting in March.

Based on the positive responses from the customers who have tried this offering, the trial period for the new VR system will be extended to cover more domestic and international flights.

The airline had also introduced the VR entertainment system on the Jakarta-Haneda, in Tokyo, route on 28 March.

In addition to a VR in-flight amenity, a similar VR entertainment system will be installed by the airline in their Executive Lounge at Terminal 3 of Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in Tangerang, Banten.

The project was made possible through the airline’s partnership with a US-based immersive inflight entertainment provider.

Growing the digital banking sector

In other news, an Indonesian banking giant launched its co-working space and fintech start-up accelerator programme called Synrgy.

The company started the initiative as a response to the ongoing trend of start-ups that offer creative solutions to address a problem.

Synrgy is a collaborative platform and accelerator for the start-up community that aims to encourage growth and innovation in the digital sector.

In addition, it serves as an innovation hub with excellent programmes to help start-ups grow their business faster.

Accelerator programme

The accelerator programme for the start-ups will run for 3 months.

Each month in those three months will have the start-ups undergoing an intensive boot camp that will support product and business development

For the first month, the start-up will go through diagnostics, leaders lab, and design sprint processes.

The second month will have them learn about Indonesian financial industries regulations and how to build successful partnerships. Agenda will also include legal consultation and product mentorship.

The third month will cover demonstration day wherein the start-ups will have the opportunity to present their products in front of the bank and other potential investors.

At the end of the whole program, selection will be done on which start-ups will be given partnerships with the bank or the investors.

The first batch will be comprised of eight fintech start-ups in the big data, digital payments, cybersecurity, blockchain, and IoT, among other fintech verticals.

Registration is open and will run until 17 May 2019.

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