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Integrating Tech Solutions to Open Up Air Travel Amidst Pandemic

Demand for air travel around the world collapsed in mid-March 2020, and while it slightly rebounded over the summer, it decreased again with the beginning of the winter months and more national lockdowns across the globe. It seems that demand is expected to remain low for the foreseeable future.

The resumption of domestic and international flights will require many consultations on innovative solutions and risk management measures in responses to COVID-19.

As government and industry restrictions on the aviation industry begin to ease ever so slightly, it is vital that the procedures set out by the appropriate industry bodies and authorities are adhered to consistently to control and manage risks such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

In terms of the passenger journey, every element from the airports of departures and arrival, the flights themselves, and other supply chain operators need to ensure consistent effective risk management.

Restarting aviation following COVID-19 and eliminating risk

Professional bodies such as IATA and Airports Council International -ACI jointly released a publication – Safely Restarting Aviation. This was developed further from the previous publication from IATA “Restarting aviation following COVID-19″. Some of their recommendations included:

  • Temperature and symptom screening
  • Use of masks and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • Physical distancing
  • Cleaning and disinfecting infrastructure
  • COVID-19 testing and antibody testing
  • Immunity passports
  • Measures to assist contact tracing
  • Measures related to pilot and crew members and their layover experience

This non-exhaustive list just highlights how many more systems and processes need to be put in place, requiring extra resources, finances and manpower. This is where technology can play a role in lessening the burden of the extra procedures required to reduce risk, continue business and further re-open up the aviation industry.

Integrating various COVID-19 Tech Solutions on one platform

Liberty Passage – a total outbreak management system offers solutions for the aviation industry such as temperature and symptom screening, records COVID-19 testing and antibody testing, alerts when risk of COVID-19 exposure is identified, provides an immunity passport for the traveller, and assists processing at immigration and well as offering a track and trace solution – all on one platform.

For the Passengers

The Liberty and Passage Total Outbreak Management System provides travellers with all necessary health and regulatory documentation in one application.

It logs health declarations, provides digital health certificates, records a health status log and has a track and trace function built in.

Liberty Passage will give authorities and travellers the confidence in managing cross-border travel, ensuring health and risk is always monitored and analysed. Liberty Passage ensures customs and immigration can run smoothly in times of crisis.

For Airports and Staff

Liberty Passage can prevent the rapid spread of virus within the airport and airline workforce through self-check temperature logs, and quickly identify employees that have had any long-term exposure to other infected individuals using the Liberty risk status dial.

It is able to dentify high risk employees through analysing data on Liberty Management Dashboard and isolate close contacts while continually monitoring the risk status level of the entire workforce.

The systems constantly review of health records of each employee and overall workforce and has a track and trace function to ensure employee health at all times.

Liberty Passage has been designed to help provide relevant timely information and build the confidence required to restart free movement between countries and continents, giving travelers confidence when crossing borders and giving authorities confidence when processing foreign visitors at customs.

Technology solutions like Liberty and Passage are needed now to keep economies going, help countries re-open borders to international business travel and tourism.

Airport operators need to remain responsive to manage the evolving pandemic during these uncertain times and be prepared for the upturn when it does come.

For more information on Liberty and Passage Oubtreak Management Solutions please visit: www.libertyandpassage.com

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