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Investing In World-Class Cyber Security Services for Western Australia

The Labor Government of Western Australia has unveiled new plans to help keep Western Australians safe and secure online with $25.5 million allocated to expand WA’s cyber security services. The significant increase in funding, via the McGowan Government’s Digital Capability Fund, will ensure WA has world-class cyber capabilities in place to facilitate secure data exchanges between agencies and prevent, detect and respond to contemporary cyber threats and risks.

The AU$ 25.5m investment is also set to transform the Office of Digital Government’s Cyber Security Unit into the largest dedicated cyber security team in Western Australia. This includes the rollout of additional cyber security services across the WA Public Sector as well as the establishment of a new dedicated home for the Cyber Security Operations Centre. A range of recruitment pools for positions within the Cyber Security Unit is now open on the government website.

The significant growth of cyber services offers technical and non-technical employment opportunities to WA’s cyber security sector, and will also build skills across agencies to support their digital transformation journey.

The Innovation and ICT Minister stated that the McGowan Government is committed to ensuring all Western Australians are safe and secure online. He noted that the $25.5 million funding boost forms part of the McGowan Government’s $500 million Digital Capability Fund, which was established to drive strategic and targeted investment in digital transformation across Western Australia.

Cyber threats continue to evolve, and so by investing in our world-class Cyber Security Operations Centre, Western Australians can be assured important Government services they access will continue to be safe and their information will remain secure.

The Office of Digital Government is leading and coordinating digital transformation across government to improve service delivery for all Western Australians. The Minister encouraged all qualified cyber security individuals to apply for these important roles within the State Government. The expansion of cyber services across the Public Sector will generate local jobs and entry-level opportunities for Western Australians looking to get into the cyber security sector.

The WA Government has established an AU$ 500 million Digital Capability Fund (the Fund) to drive more strategic and targeted investment in digital transformation across the public sector and provide the capacity to upgrade legacy ICT systems.

The Fund focuses on accelerating the delivery of the Digital Strategy for the Western Australian Government 2021-2025 and modernising the way government works to enable this transformation. ICT investment proposals will be assessed against four key criteria that drive these outcomes.

The Fund is subject to a robust governance structure and oversight. The Minister for Innovation and ICT is responsible for oversight and reporting on the operation of the Fund. A Steering Committee supports the Minister for Innovation and ICT by providing independent review and monitoring of the Fund’s administration.

The Office of Digital Government (DGov) is responsible for the administration of the Fund, including the initial assessment and prioritisation of ICT investment proposals. The Digital Capability Fund Short Guide provides further information about the objectives, governance and operations of the Fund. DGov will issue detailed guidance to agencies on the processes and requirements when making applications to the Fund.

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