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I&T is HK Government priority

The Secretary for Innovation & Technology gave a speech at the second Belt and Road Forum at the International Cooperation’s thematic forum on silk road of innovation.

The Secretary noted that innovation and technology (I&T) has been a top policy agenda of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

The vision is to drive diversified economic development by I&T and develop Hong Kong into an international I&T hub which is open to talents around the world.

Over the past few years, the Hong Kong SAR Government committed significant resources of over US$12.8 billion towards a broad spectrum of initiatives to strengthen Hong Kong’s I&T ecosystem, including increasing resources for research and development, nurturing technology talents, implementing forward-looking tax reform to incentivise R&D activities, providing investment funding, building I&T-related infrastructures, and helping small and medium-sized enterprises to upgrade and transform with I&T solutions for their businesses, etc.

In a speech, the Secretary stated that one of the key initiatives to be highlighted in Hong Kong is that the Government is building two world-class research clusters in Hong Kong. US$1.3 billion has been set aside to establish Health@InnoHK focusing on healthcare technologies, and AIR@InnoHK focusing on artificial intelligence and robotics technologies at our Science Park.

Through this initiative, the Government will be able to capitalise on the strengths of its local universities and attract top-notch universities and scientific research institutions around the world to collaborate with us, and thus enhance Hong Kong’s overall research and development capability in the long run.

The Secretary stated that Hong Kong is doing well in its efforts. So far, the two clusters have attracted the attention of a number of world-acclaimed institutions. Several of the world’s premier academic institutions have pursued collaboration with Hong Kong’s institutions, expressing strong interest in joining the two clusters.

It is anticipated that the first batch of research institutions will be setting up their laboratories in the Hong Kong Science Park by the end of this year.

Speaking at the same event, Hong Kong’s Chief Executive noted that Hong Kong is a prime Belt-Road platform. She noted that Hong Kong is not only one of the most competitive cities in the world, but also a multicultural city in the heart of Asia.

Under the unique “one country, two systems” principle and enjoying unique strengths and advantages, Hong Kong is a key link and a prime platform for the Belt & Road.

For the past few years, the HKSAR Government has been playing the roles of facilitator and promoter in taking forward the Belt & Road Initiative, and we are pleased that various sectors in Hong Kong are all very enthusiastic to join this challenging and worthy cause.

The forum saw some of the most accomplished in their respective sectors; they proceeded to share their insights on our city’s position as the Belt & Road hub in many aspects – ranging from finance and investment, legal and dispute resolution services, business and trade, professional services and capacity building to cultural exchange – as well as on how to leverage Hong Kong’s strengths and advantages in professional services and international expertise in enhancing regional co-operation.

The session shed light on how Hong Kong can contribute to the Belt & Road, and hopefully will give you an extra boost of confidence in partnering with Hong Kong.

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