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IT recruitment demand quadruples in Vietnam

Within the IT industry, the seven fields with the highest recruitment demands are software development, technical assistance, project/product management, user experience and interface, quality assurance/quality control, and data science.

The recruitment demand of the software department division, from 2010 to 2020, accounted for more than 50% of the total demand. This had a large impact on recruitment demands of the entire IT industry.

The recruitment demand for this division has almost doubled when compared to the first half of the decade with its second half.

Engineers with experience in software, mobile, web, and enterprise resource planning software (ERP) with common programming language skills such as JAVA, PHP, and .NET are of crucial need within this division for recruiting, according to a press report.

The “outsourcing” of services, especially web and mobile apps, has largely been involved in software development over the past decade.

Also, in terms of skills, Java script developers had the strongest growth in recruitment demands, up to 63.3% compared to 2010. This was followed by iOS developers and Android developers constituting 29.8% and 26.8%, respectively.

The Navigos Group, a leading provider of human resources services in Vietnam, stated in a report that most tech companies aim to increase their employee scale.

Depending upon their scale, most of them will have recruitment demands at different levels by the next year.

The surveyed employers bring attention to the direct effects that a shortage of human resources has on the performance of the company, the overworked status of the remaining employees, and the lack of engagement among employees, which is a result of the instability of personnel.

Faced by the scarcity of human resources within the tech industry, businesses have a long-term vision in recruiting by developing current human resources and connecting with universities to prepare for necessary skill sets.

If recruitment requirements are not met by Vietnamese candidates, the employer and the candidate both agree that selecting candidates from the Southeast Asia region has the most potential.

Although seen as highly qualified with lots of new tech knowledge, candidates from Europe and the Americas are not always selected by the employers. The candidate group also shows that there is no higher competition from candidates from these areas.

The CEO of Navigos Group said that the uncontrolled objective factors such as the impact of the pandemic leads to limitations in real-life interactions, or risks for people engaged in dangerous jobs.

This makes technology more important than ever because of the ability to transform activities from offline into online or undertake repetitive or risky tasks.

He further added that the demand for high technology has been recognised by many sectors and businesses. Facing the increase in recruitment demand, enterprises not only face a shortage of technological manpower but also must prepare solutions to retain talents and cope with rapid changes in new technology.


From 2011 to 2012 the development of mobile apps was strong, leading to the highest average monthly salary for embedded developers of US $3,750 and hardware engineers with a salary of $3,500.

The rise of the “data-driven” era was witnessed in the period between 2019-2014 when all businesses were aiming to take advantage of Big Data. This led to high salaries for two positions, namely, data scientists with a monthly salary of US $3,531, and python developers with a salary of US $2,900.

From 2015 to 2019, the second half of the decade saw the continued development of data science as technology plays an increasingly important role for businesses.

According to the survey, IT human resources are taken good care of by enterprises when they offer the most important benefits, including social insurance, paid leave, periodic health checks, allowances, personal laptops, and travel.

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