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JTC CIO is ‘Digitising Building Management’… creating ‘Smarter and more Sustainable services’

JTC CIO is Digitising Building Management creating Smarter and more Sustainable services

Since JTC was created in 1968, it has played a major role in Singapore's economic development by developing land and space to support the transformation of industries and create quality jobs. Some of JTC’s developments include Jurong Island, one-north, Seletar Aerospace Park and CleanTech Park.  

OpenGov recently had the opportunity to speak to Ms. Siew Yim Cheng, Chief Information

yim cheng

Officer, JTC. Yim Cheng is working on different and novel ways to integrate technology into the business, such as using analytics to optimise the energy footprint of buildings and the predictability of building and facilities management. She is helping JTC embrace innovative technologies, so as to prepare for a more digital age. She discussed how JTC leverages technology to improve their service delivery to create sustainable and engaging estates.

The industrial landscape is constantly changing, and competition is growing. As JTC builds more new and innovative infrastructures and estates, technology becomes a crucial sidekick in the delivery of smart industrial estates that can further accelerate the transformation of our industries. JTC is leading this transformation for its industrial and business parks in Singapore.

JTC is more than just an industrial infrastructure provider…

“JTC’s business covers the whole value chain of a master developer – planning, design, building, marketing, and then the management of our estates for many years.” Yim Cheng told us.

This is what makes Yim Cheng’s role as CIO that much more exciting and challenging. “My role is to look at the business, identify and leverage technology that will help improve productivity, manage knowledge, facilitate speed and accuracy of operations, enhance satisfaction of our customers and generally, to make it smarter, faster and more sustainable.” she stated.

Integrating technology to improve service delivery

JTC is always looking for suitable technology solutions that can be easily integrated to provide value for their real estate requirements. So far, JTC has been looking for analytics solutions, smart mobile solutions for way finding, location based services, and others such as interactive screens and visual indicators – essentially technologies that can enable and enhance the infrastructure of next-generation estates.

As an infrastructure provider, it is important that JTC’s customers can easily visualise its offerings. JTC is working on a space management system where 3D modelling provides a three dimensional visualisation of the spaces available.

In alignment with the national smart nation initiative, JTC has embarked on pilot projects that leverage data analytics to optimise the energy footprint of buildings by utilising data from the sensors of building management systems to drive more efficient and predictive facilities management.

Digitising Building Management

JTC has many buildings and estates to manage across Singapore. For building management and operations, to minimise manual paper work, JTC is working to digitise the entire workflow of managing the estates with the help of mobile technology.

“There are a lot of systems that we can build for the business. Some of the new and exciting systems are in the area of real estate management,” Yim Cheng told us.

With a digital Facilities and Estate Management System, she explained to us that they can now easily keep track of assets, equipment, work orders and their historical service records. Incorporating mobile technology has also made work and reporting more efficient. While onsite, staff can use a tablet to pull out any information they require on any piece of equipment and its historical service record. With the digital data, deeper insights can be garnered.

By consolidating the data into one platform, JTC is working to make the job of operations that much easier.

Tenants will also be able to utilise this platform to report maintenance needs. This will make the jobs easier for maintenance crew and improve the quality of services provided to tenants.

JTC also saw the need to provide proactive maintenance to prevent disruptions and inconveniences to their customers. “With the internet of things, sensors and building management systems, and analytics, we want to be connected, actively monitoring and building up expert rules that will eventually facilitate predictive maintenance.” Yim Cheng told us.

Smarter and more Sustainable Building Management

Global energy resources are a cause for concern, and with this, sustainability initiatives and actions are growing. To save energy and costs, JTC has begun to integrate sensors and analytics to help boost energy management.

“Some of our buildings already have sensors in place. We can get temperature, lighting, and many types of measurement. With this information and a layer of analytics, many insights can be derived.” Yim Cheng told us.

Since 2014, a pilot study at one-north has been testing the use of sensors and analytics to derive better energy management. This initiative supports sustainability and creates huge cost savings to the business, while putting JTC on the map for their smart use of sensor technology.

We expect to see a lot of exciting new ICT developments, new insights, and new systems from JTC in the near future which will be sure to garner much attention. 

(Image from Erwin SooCC BY 2.0)

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