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Kaspersky Cybersecurity Training Program [OG Partner]

The Kaspersky Cybersecurity Training Program has been developed specifically for organizations looking to better protect their infrastructure and intellectual property through promoting the role of cybersecurity.

The program offers a broad curriculum in cybersecurity topics and techniques, with assessment levels ranging from basic to expert, integrating a full range of specialist security skills, functionalities and competencies into a single body of knowledge. For more than 17 years, Kaspersky Lab’s cybersecurity expertise – including threat detection, malware research, reverse engineering and digital forensics – has been continuously evolving and advancing.

Our experts understand how best to handle the threats posed by the 350,000 malware samples encountered by us every day, and how to impart that knowledge to organizations confronted with the new dangers of contemporary cyber-reality. The Cybersecurity Training Program has been designed and developed by the security authorities who helped build the Kaspersky antivirus labs, and who now inspire and mentor the next generation of global experts.

Access the details of the Training Program below.

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