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Kominfo accelerates digital connectivity in Indonesia

The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology  (Kominfo) is keen to accelerate digital connectivity in the country. The provision and distribution of information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure throughout Indonesia is the main focus of the ministry.

Apart from this, the development of human resources in the communication and informatics sector is another key focus of the Ministry of Communication and Information in creating digital talents who are expected to master the latest technology ecosystem.

Digital connectivity played an important role during the pandemic in breaking the chain of the spread of COVID-19. It also played a significant role in restoring the national economy. These were comments made by the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Communication and Information, Mira Tayyiba, while speaking at the virtual Public Relations Communication Forum: Utilising Internet Access and 4G Networks in the 3T Region.

While the pandemic has accelerated the roll-out of connectivity plans, the Ministry of Communication and Information has also prepared the development of ICT infrastructure in all corners of the country as early 2014.

The Secretary-General revealed that the Ministry of Communication and Information built 1,682 4G Base Transceiver Stations (BTS) in 1,682 villages and wards over the last year as part of their digital connectivity strategy.

This was done through the Telecommunication and Information Accessibility Agency (BAKTI) throughout 2020. The internet access program, which previously targeted 9,400 locations in 2020, actually increased significantly to 11,817 locations.

The internet access program and 4G network in the 3T region have been utilised well. While the health and education sector benefited the most, other areas also thrived because of the excellent connectivity.

Secretary-General Mira explained, in the education sector, internet access and 4G networks were used for online learning training, provision of online English licenses, provision of licenses for learning Islam, implementing coding training activities for the community and ICT training for people with disabilities.

Meanwhile, in the health sector, training on the application of pregnant mother health records for midwives at health centres in the 3T area has been held online.

Apart from the education and health sector, other sectors also took advantage of the internet access program and 4G network in the 3T area, include the MSME, maritime and agricultural sectors, disaster, tourism and e-Government and non-government sectors.

Many other infrastructure developments have been set for initiation while several have been targeted for completion this year. In 2021 now, the Ministry of Communication and Information is planing deployment of large-scale ICT infrastructure development, including adding 4G BTS in 4,200 villages, internet access to 7,764 location points, increasing satellite capacity to 30Gbps and utilisation of Palapa Ring for the West Zone, Middle or East.

Secretary-General Mira wholeheartedly invited forum participants to work together to realise the nation’s digital transformation through strategic programmes and policies of the Ministry of Communication and Information.

“As I said earlier, Kominfo will continue to build infrastructure in Indonesia. Our passion and the big dream are to make Indonesia connected, Indonesia to be more digital, and Indonesia to be better. This will not work without cooperation between all elements of the nation, ” she stressed.

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