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Latest IT solutions from Govt tech lab

Hong Kong’s Smart Government Innovation Lab has announced that several solutions developed by its incubated tech firms are now ready to be acquired by other firms, government agencies and academic institutions.

Three of the solutions are as follows:

  1. Relate App

This solution can be used for discovering behaviour patterns in data. Users will only have to upload a .csv file, after which a relationship will be generated and presented.

Application Areas

The application areas of the solution include Broadcasting, City Management, Climate and Weather, Commerce and Industry, Development, Education, Employment and Labour, Environment, Finance, Food, Health, Housing, Infrastructure, Law and Security, Population, Recreation and Culture, Social Welfare, Transport.

In addition, the technology has public health applicability – it can be used to find out possible factors relating to coronavirus infection.

Technologies used

The solution employs Data Analytics and Machine Learning.

  1. Health Monitoring System

Currently, there are many who are in need of monitoring services. For example, the elderly, young children or patients.

Thus, to help ease the need, one local company aims to improve service efficiency and assist management through its health monitoring system.

Through the combination of hardware and software, the monitoring system constantly monitors the user’s health value, activity and positioning.

In addition, the smart bracelet can monitor heart rate, steps, sleep and walking distance. The user’s bracelet data will be transmitted to the gateway via Bluetooth, and the gateway will save it to the cloud via WIFI.

Regarding the positioning function, if the caretaker user leaves the specified range or removes the monitoring bracelet and the user’s heart rate is too high, an alarm will appear in the monitoring background to remind the need the concerned person of the need for timely attention.

Application Areas

The solution can be used in healthcare and medical settings.

Technologies Used

The solution employs Cloud Computing, Data Analytics and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.

Use case

Application example: Home for the elderly

The guardian can realize efficient user management through the system, save manpower, and provide services when elderly users need.

For the elderly users being monitored, the system does not need mobile phones, does not require complicated operations, and reduces inconvenience to users.

In addition, the bracelet worn by the user is simple in design and will not cause inconvenience or embarrassment to life, the press release states.

  1. Robotic Assistant

The company’s focus is to provide intelligent robots as assistants. The robots perform basic services for the public instead of real people in public services.

They can more effectively deal with simple common problems, save manpower, enable environmental protection and allow for the more efficient allocation and use human resources.

Application Areas

The solution can be employed in Education, Recreation and Culture, and Social Welfare.

Technologies Used

The solution employs Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning technology.

Use case

The use case includes exhibition automatic navigation, exhibit introduction and intelligent answering.

The smart personal assistant can organize daily schedules and tips, provide a mobile video conference function to effectively solve the limitations of fixed-point conferences, and be used for public service guidance and interaction.

For example, it can be used as a pilot in large public events, to provide directions and provide emergency contact services.

About the Smart Government Innovation Lab

In 2018, the Government established the Smart Government Innovation Lab to explore hi-tech products such as AI and relevant technologies, including machine learning, big data analytics, cognitive systems and intelligent agent, as well as blockchain and robotics from firms, especially local start-ups.

The Lab is always on the lookout for innovation and technology (I&T) solutions that are conducive to enhancing public services or their operational effectiveness.

I&T suppliers are encouraged to regularly visit the Lab’s website to check on the current business and operational needs in public service delivery, and propose innovative solutions or product suggestions to address them.

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