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Learning management system to boost knowledge outside the classroom

The De La Salle University, in the Philippines, recently launched the University-wide implementation of a learning management system (LMS) that provides a modern approach to the classroom setting.

According to a recent report, the accessibility of AnimoSpace promises to be a convenient learning tool for the students of the University.

Built on the online platform Canvas, the system is very accessible and allows the University to meet the students wherever they are, and that is online.

It can be accessed online through internet browsers as well as available for download as an app.

One benefit of using the platform is that it allows for a greater deal of organisation as tasks and assignments will be visible and accessible with just one click.

Moreover, the platform will provide faculty members the ability to facilitate learning beyond the confines of the classroom.

Through the use of forums or chat groups, the platform gives the students an avenue for discussion, which acts like a simulation of the discussion done in the classroom.

Notifications from the platform are sent to students to remind them of upcoming examinations and homework deadlines.

With the ability to create a digital portfolio showcasing the outputs of students, the students are given the opportunity to highlight their notable works.

Integrating with several sites and programs that are being used by the University was very easy with the platform.

These programs include an internet-based plagiarism detection services and a cloud storage system. Online resources from the library have also been ported to the platform.

Teachers will be able to manage their time well through this platform. All they need to do is log into their accounts and then they will have everything within their fingertips to deliver their course.

There are also efforts to utilise the platform in order to aid students and faculty alike in their research work.

But plans for implementation will come after they have fully learned and understood the capabilities of the system.

The immediate concern regarding its implementation is the adjustment of the people who are required to use it, since certain individuals may find the transition difficult.

There are still professors that are reluctant to use the platform and prefer not to do so, while others use it but do not maximise it to its full capacity.

Hopefully, they will be convinced to use the platform to its full capacity with time.

Incentives are being provided for departments that utilise the platform. But aside from that, the support and the effort to integrate the system is university-wide.

The Academics Council and the department deans as well as the Instructure, and the University Student Government are all supportive of the project.

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