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LTA Singapore using crowdsourcing to better services

LTA Singapore using crowdsourcing to better services

LTA Singapore engaging the public to help make commutes faster

LTA, Chief Executive Chew Men Leong announced today they are looking for a developer to create an app to enhance commuter planning and journey. He wants it to  “better address the first and last leg of their commute”.

Crowdsourcing has been around for more than a decade.  Some great ideas have come from it. The Indian government opened up the Rupee symbol to the public in 2009 and had a decision with approval by the middle of 2010.

One example that comes to mind that did not work was with the London Underground.  Trying to put conventional air conditioning in the world oldest underground has proved to be impossible, even with crowd sourcing.

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) is hoping to develop a journey planner app in collaboration with a third-party developer.

“This app should inform commuters the most efficient and pleasant route to take. It can be a combination of walking comfortably along the sheltered walkway to take the bus, or cycling to the station to hop on the train,”said Mr Chew.

It should focus on all available transport options, from buses, trains, walking and cycling.

The LTA has issued a Call-for-Collaboration (CFC) to invite the IT industry to submit proposals on the development of this journey planner. This Call-for-Collaboration aims to invite industry players to express interests in collaborating with LTA to jointly deploy and co-market their multi-modal journey planner for use in Singapore.

Interested parties can submit information on their proposed app to LTA_CFC@lta.gov.sg by Nov 30. The successful applicants submission will be announced in February 2016.

We can’t wait to write about the winner!

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