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Malaysia and Singapore reaffirm commitment to ICT and digital economy

According to a recent report, Malaysia and Singapore had during the Second Joint Committee Meeting of the Malaysia-Singapore Information and Communications Cooperation held recently this month, reaffirmed their commitment to enhance the digital economies of both countries, and to pursue measures that spur innovation as well as to encourage the growth of the ICT industry.

The one-day meeting, which was hosted by the Communications and Multimedia Ministry recently had also reaffirmed their commitment to work together in the journalists’ exchange and translators immersion programme, that aimed to bring closer ties between the media and broadcasting members from both countries.

The Ministry said in a statement that officials to the meeting had also discussed objectives and shared information of their respective activities, including news exchanges, government communications, digital technology and standards for personal data protection.

Malaysia’s officials were led by the ministry’s Secretary General while the Singapore delegation was headed by the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Communication and Information.

In the statement, the Malaysian ministry’s secretary general stated that with the rapid development in the communication world and globalisation, it is important for both countries to work together sharing knowledge and resources in order to be among the nations that have a strong competitive edge at all times.

Concurring with the Secretary General’s view, the Singaporean Permanent Secretary added that what are the two countries discussed at the meeting are all key issues that will have a material impact on both of the states’ policies in the near future. She added that by sharing and exchanging views and thoughts on them, the two nations would be enabled to respond better and more effectively.

As reported earlier, towards the end of September, Malaysia and Singapore vowed to partner on better waste management at the Malaysia-Singapore Joint Committee on the Environment (MSJCE) held in Malaysia. At the meeting, both countries also agreed to enhance collaboration through further cooperation in new areas such as climate change, circular economy, industrial pollution and radiation safety.

Malaysia and Singapore have agreed to share technology and find ways to mitigate waste management including plastics and packaging waste, an issue both nations regard as important at the regional and international fora, stated the Minister for Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change.

The Minister said both countries agreed to strengthen cooperation and exchange ideas on the innovative technology, that is much cheaper and cost-effective to end plastic waste efficiently in the Malaysia-Singapore Joint Committee on the Environment (MSJCE) meeting held recently.

At the meeting, both countries also agreed to enhance collaboration through further cooperation in new areas such as climate change, circular economy, industrial pollution and radiation safety.

They also reaffirmed their commitment to continue to share experiences in tackling vehicular pollution, an issue of mutual concern. Both countries would continue to work closely with Singapore to achieve the common goals in environmental protection and management along the Straits of Singapore.

With regards to the meeting that is currently underway, the statement added that Malaysia’s Communication and Multimedia Minister and his Singaporean counterpart will attend the 12th Muzika Ekstravaganza (Muzika) with the theme #kitageng celebrating togetherness of friendship soon.

This programme, which will feature artists from Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) and Mediacorp, Singapore will be broadcast simultaneously on Mediacorp Suria and Malaysia’s RTM2.

Muzika, the annual variety co-production reflects the longstanding and excellent cooperation between Singapore and Malaysia in the field of info-communications and media.

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