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Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation Partners to Upskill Digital Workforce

Malaysia Digital Workforce Upskill

Across the APAC region, there is a growing demand for digital and tech workforce. In Malaysia, the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) announced a collaboration with a private education organization will establish operations in Kuala Lumpur, it’s second in Southeast Asia.

The signing event was officiated by Minister of Communications and Multimedia, who highlighted that the government will share the responsibility of the growth of the economy with industry players and the public.

He noted that all parties must do their part to equip fellow Malaysians with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed as a productive member of an innovation-driven and knowledge-powered nation.

The arrival of General Assembly to Malaysia, the newest initiative for this country’s talent development efforts, has been lauded.

It is considered a testament that the country is on the right path to nurture the education and human capital development of this nation.

The hope is that, eventually, Malaysia’s digital and tech professionals will be able to grow and become the very best within the global digital industry.

The institute will provide customised training for life-long learning in today’s rapidly evolving digital economy; specifically, for Malaysia’s digital and tech talents.

This includes offering critical and in-demand upskilling content and processes that match current and next-gen digital capabilities; introducing radical reskilling for those who need to pick up new digital roles; and creating a new talent pipeline that operates as an on-demand service.

All three are the core focuses for the institute as it aims to transform careers by augmenting them with in-demand specialised skills.

The training can be provided through a series of classes, hands-on immersion workshops, or customised development. Ultimately, this talent development platform wants to help businesses develop progressive yet sustainable pipelines for the digital and technology sector.

The CEO of MDEC stated that a digital-savvy talent pool will help propel Malaysian companies to the regional and global stage. This essential upskilling opportunity will also firmly establish Malaysia as the Heart of Digital ASEAN.

It certainly will attract more global companies to set up operations and even retain existing talent within companies that are already operating here.

In addition, upskilling and reskilling are keys to strengthening the quality of the Malaysian digital workforce. It is the most important part of the nation’s digital talent development strategy.

The establishment of global training companies in Malaysia reinforces the fact that Malaysia has a tremendous amount of potential in pushing the envelope further for digital talent development.

Currently, MDEC is working closely with industry partners to facilitate the continued advancement of digital skills transformation.

The education organisation is looking to contribute significantly to the digital transformation journey in Malaysia with this partnership to establish its 23rd campus and the 4th within the Asia Pacific.

Being a global leader in skills transformation, the organisation aims to work very closely with companies to build sustainable talent pipelines that meet their needs. In fact, 94% of the organisation’s graduates from the full-time programmes are employed within six months after graduation.

Focusing on skills transformation, the organisation has 23 campuses across four continents and offering 130 digital courses conducted by over 3,000 instructors. Since its inception in 2011 in New York City, it has trained over 100,000 students and partnered with more than 19,000 companies globally.

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