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Malaysia granted access to Turkish defence tech

Image Credits: Prime Minister's Office of Malaysia, Press Release

A recent report noted that Turkey has expressed its willingness to grant Malaysia access to its defence technology, a privilege rarely accorded to any company or country, according to the Malaysian Prime Minister.

The PM stated that while companies that possessed high-tech capabilities were usually protective of what they have, Turkey was willing to hire Malaysian engineers in various fields.

It was noted that this is an opportunity afforded to the nation that must be made the most of. Turkey will help Malaysia to achieve advancements in the fields of aviation and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology.

Malaysia seeks to boost its trade with Turkey. However, cooperation in defence is also very important, the PM told reporters on the final day of his official visit to the country.

The Malaysian leader, on his four-day visit, along with the Malaysian Foreign Minister and the Foreign Ministry Secretary-General, spent time reviewing combat and drone helicopter industries at Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) in Ankara. The visit was described as meaningful to Malaysia.

Moreover, Turkey has extended its cooperation to the nation in a number of fields. The opportunity to meet Turkish captains of industry has also opened new doors for Malaysia to boost investment.

During his visit, the Malaysian PM attended a number of comprehensive programmes organised by the Turkish government displaying their military capabilities.

It is important to note that Malaysia has adopted a neutral stance in their its military approach and is not obliged to acquire military assets, unlike Turkey which is a member of NATO.

Malaysia looking to manufacture ‘super cars’

Another report notes that the PM pictures the possibility of Malaysia producing “super cars” in order to further enhance the capability of the nation’s automotive industry.

During his visit to Turkey, the leader stated that a major Turkish supercar producer had indicated willingness to cooperate with Malaysia to produce the exotic vehicle.

During a dialogue session with Turkish captains of industry, the PM offered them Malaysian expertise to produce their own national car.

In February 2019, OpenGov Asia reported that the progress of Malaysia’s third national car was making strides when the government’s economic planning committee stated that plans have been made to have a model in production by 2022.

In November 2018, The National Development Council (NDC) sat and discussed related proposals to kick-start a new carmaker, as well as the long-stagnant Cyberjaya township, envisioned two decades ago as Malaysia’s Silicon Valley.

The new vehicle will sport the latest technology including autonomous navigation and a green propulsion system.

There are hopes that the car will be the catalyst to elevate Cyberjaya from its current state as a mere satellite township for administrative capital Putrajaya to become a technology hub.

An official source had informed the reporting paper that while the government has said it will not fund the new car, positioning it as a springboard to reviving Cyberjaya as a technological hub would include the possibility of incentives such as tax holidays and grants.

It is likely the Malaysian super car will be part of the strides being made by Malaysia-Turkey collaboration in the areas of technology and manufacturing.

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